What Is the Foundation for Defense of Democracies?

It is a right wing, neoconservative think tank made up by a bunch of pro-Israel billionaires
doing their utmost to ‘own’ democracies for their own gain by trampling human rights. This
is why they’re highly supportive of the Saudis and the Saudi focus upon ethnic cleanseing of
Muslims that are not Sunni.

The FDD has a long history of promoting alarmist rhetoric and fear mongering from the lies
about Osama bin Laden, Yasser Arafat and Saddam Hussein in particular, They were a major
faction behind the “Bush regimes” which led to the second Invasion of Iraq and the
destruction of a whole country and all its people. The same with Libya.

In 2001 these billionaires created a focus upon winning sympathy for Israel in its fight to take
over Palestine. Since that time Netanyahu has increased the land theft – the land reform – of
the Weast Bank – Palestine. So the billionaires created a propaganda machine to convert the
minds od many, many Americans. Not a hard job when the American people are so easily

The vehicle to sway the American public was named Emet: An Educational Initiative, Inc
which was create to create and offer propaganda in support of Israel which is now the FDD
after the 9/11.

The FDD has a yearly budget o $3 million supplied by 27 major donors of which most belong
to the ‘Study Group’ which is ofter referred to as the ‘Mega Group’ and is an organization of
major Jewish philanthropists.

I was angry with David Andrew Weinberg in his interview on ‘Worlds Apart’ on RT and I
thought him quite out-of-touch with reality in this interview in which he backed the USA so
much in its choices.

However, Weinberg’s article of the 26th March 2014 was much more telling and much more
about the truth of the oppression by the Saudis in Saudi Arabia.



I know I risk being called anti-Semitic by posting these videos. I know that it will not matter how often I say I am not. It’s sad to risk hatred because one actually acts out of love; really. A love for those who are oppressed by hatreds and situations.

This is a risk I’ll need to assume though I am afraid of being persecuted for my  views as others have been though I don’t mind discussing those ideas. Once one has been accused of being anti-Semitic it is difficult to push away the accusations. I’ve seen this.

Some are accused of being anti-Semitic because they understand the clarity of a lot of videos now on youtube showing the theft of land by Israel; the hatefulness of a lot of Israelis toward Palestinians whose ancestral homes have been destroyed and taken over by settlers; the harassment by so many by the Israelis, and pointing of the “Jews are not the Chosen Race” or that Jews are not a race by a religion. A couple of videos I may have ignored but the flood of the videos shows a very numbing Apartheid that has taken hold.

Why are we assaulted by Zionists because we read and/or listen to Noam Chomsky or Norm Finkelstein amoung others such as Thomas Friedman. These people make a lot of sense that fits in with all the evidence of Apartheid type of action and the Wall of Massive Inconvenience with special roads just for the ease of Israelis and the Palestinians given no access.

I’ve never been a Holocaust denier. It most certainly happened and it is being reflected by the Israelis in their hate for Palestinians and the ease with which they continue to steal the land, the hope, the pride of a people being persecuted daily by Israel and those like the Conservatives in government ib Canada who refuse even to observe the existance of Palestine by only using words such as the West Bank or Gaza and never Palestine.

So, in essence, the Conservatives of Canada are Palestine Deniers and that’s just as damned bad as being a Holocaust Denier; every bit!

And a Prime Minister who has stated and not retracted the statement he made about Israel “no matter what”! And a Foreign Affairs minister who threw a tantrum in the UN (embarassing all thinking Canadians) when Palestine was finally noted as a place and in existance (though disappearing with every minute that goes by on our clocks all round our poor world.

No, I guess I’ll have to suffer the consequences of being honest to myself; and honest to our world; no matter the maddening crowd.


Israel 1967:

Gush Emunim explained that the victory in the 1967 war was actually the work of the hand of god that reunited the two pieces of Israel. Gush rabbis then followed by the idea that to give up any land would be to reject the mandate of god and would forfeit the bringing about of salvation.

The Likud, centre right party in Israel, loved this idea though it was (or because it was) messianist in nature; based on strict belief, rather in the understanding of our world. A dangerous ideal that was a part of the belief system leading to the Holocaust and so many other horrible actions by people that ‘believe’ rather then think.

For Israelis this meant that all of Palestine was rightfully theirs and this feeling, this belief, extended into the actions leading up to today and focused this feeling on taking everything they wanted for themselves with no option for the Palestinians to have any rights at all. Today this religious Apartheid is self evident with the wall and the wall of ideas separating the lands stolen by Israel from the lands being stolen by Israel.

Partly this is why the so-called Peace Process has not worked and can never work because ,many Israelis, just like the Nazi Youth, believe they are the Chosen People above that of any other peoples. This is not every Israeli, by any means, but it is and has been a focus of the very, objectionable right wing of the Kissnet under the thumb of the accusatory Netaneyahu.

“From Beirut to Jerusalem” Thomas L. Friedman 1989

How Some Jews Treat Christians in Israel

If Israel could do this to a young American Jew, imagine what Palestinians Have to Take





Stalking Is A Crime – It Can Mean Jail

If you’re being stalked get the evidence.  Then take it to the police.
Keep your computer files.  They can put someone in jail that stalks you.
Be careful out there!

Stalking does not happen only to celebrities. Each year, an estimated 3.4 million men and women become victims of stalking, and experience violations of their privacy and safety, threats to themselves and to their loved ones, and in the most tragic cases, may be seriously injured or killed by their stalkers. In the United States, all 50 states and the District of Columbia have laws that make stalking illegal.

What is the definition of stalking?

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, stalking is defined as “a pattern of repeated and unwanted attention, harassment, contact, or any other course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear.” Stalking behavior can include

  • Repeated, unwanted, intrusive, and frightening communications, by phone, mail, and/or email
  • Following or laying in wait for a victim at places victims tend to frequently visit, including home, school, or work
  • Making direct or indirect threats to harm the victim or the victim’s children and family, friends, pets, and even co-workers
  • Damaging or threatening to damage a victim’s property
  • Harassing a victim through the Internet, including email, social networking sites, and other sites

Who are stalking victims?

  • An estimated 3.4 million women and men become stalking victims each year.
  • More than 50% of stalking victims are younger than 30 years old.
  • Women are 3 times more likely to be stalked than to be raped.

Who are the stalkers?

  • Female stalking victims are more likely to be stalked by a male (67%) than a female.
  • Male stalking victims reported that 41% of their stalkers were male, while 43% reported their stalkers were female.
  • In 10% of cases among female stalking victims and 16% of cases among male stalking victims, however, victims were unable to identify their stalker’s gender.
  • Only 10% of stalking victims are stalked by a stranger.
  • 3 in 4 stalking victims know their stalkers as either a current or former spouse or partner, roommate, co-worker, family member, or social acquaintance.

What can happen to stalking victims because of stalking?

  • Stalkers have threatened victims (43%), damaged victims’ properties (16%), attacked victims (12%), or attacked victims’ friends, family, pets, or other acquaintances (9%).
  • One in 7 stalking victims reported that they moved because of stalking.
  • Nearly 29% of stalking victims believe stalking behavior will never stop.
  • 1 in 8 stalking victims reported losing time at work because of stalking incidents.
  • 76% of women killed by their intimate partners were stalked by their partners beforehand.

All stalkers should be considered unpredictable.

Safe Horizon’s Anti-Stalking Services

  • Our Anti-Stalking Program counsels more than 3,000 New Yorkers about safety planning and legal remedies each year.
  • Our Anti-Stalking program was the first New York State victim assistance program to focus on the crime of stalking.
  • With state coalitions and local District Attorney’s offices, Safe Horizon was instrumental in the passage of anti-stalking legislation that went into effect in New York on December 1, 1999.

How can you find help as a stalking victim?

If you feel your life is in immediate danger, please call 911.

Safe Horizon’s Anti-Stalking services can help victims find resources and support. To find out more contact us via our Crime Victims Hotline 866.689.HELP (4357) or by visiting one of our Community Programs.

Some BIG USA War Criminals:

Some BIG USA War Criminals:

Robert McNamara. Former US Secretary of Defense, helped kill approximately 2-3 million, mostly poor Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians. Not to mention a sizeable portion of the 58,000 dead US servicemen pressed into that war. Not to mention that equal number of US veterans who committed suicide in the years to follow. McNamara is an Elder Statesman now, walking around freely today.

Henry Kissinger. Former US Secretary of State, had a hand in the killings mentioned above. Plus condoned thousands of additional killings in Chile, under the sponsorship of US foreign policy. Won a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. Elder Statesman, walking around freely today.

Bill Clinton. Former, disgraced US President. Initiated bombing raids against Yugoslavia and Iraq, neither country able to defend itself, resulting in the deaths of thousands. Conducted punitive sanctions against Iraq, resulting in hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths. Elder Statesman, walking around freely today, amply rewarded for book deals and speaking engagements.

George HW Bush. Former super spy, former US President, the first to graduate from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) into the presidency and bring lessons learned at CIA headquarters directly into US policy.
–ile serving under Ronald Reagan, helped encourage the Iraq-Iran war, resulting in deaths of one million people, allowing US oil and arms dealers to profit greatly.
–give Saddam all the technology, expertice, chemicals to create war grade chemical weapons which killed thousands of Iranian soldiers and over 100,000 Kurds – men, women and children.
–ring the ‘Eighties, helped encourage US sponsored military dictators in Latin America, guilty of extermination of thousands of ordinary citizens, via US-trained “death squads.”
–Conducted pre-emptive war with Panama, resulting in 1,000-4,000 deaths, simply to topple former CIA henchman, Manuel Noriega. Elder Statesman, walking around freely today, basking in limelight.

Madeline Albright. Former US Secretary of State under Clinton. Condoned the punitive sanctions against Iraq that resulted in an estimated 500,000 deaths of children. Remarked that such sanctions were “worth it.” Elder Stateswoman, walking around freely today.

George W. Bush. Two term US president, elected using electronic, “black box” voting methods that permit no verification of actual vote count. (Democracy lol)
–Conducted two pre-emptive wars, resulting in excess of 100,000 US. Iraqi and Afghani deaths.
–Condones the use of torture as US policy. Condones rejection of the Geneva Convention, becoming the first US president to openly do so. Considers the US Constitution “A Goddamned piece of paper.” Embattled Statesman, walking around freely today.

Dick Cheney. Former US Secretary of Defense, and signator of the PNAC, and current Vice President. Accused mastermind of the 911 “terrorist” attack against the US (unproven),
–Cheney has been called “The Vice President For Torture” by the Washington Post.
–A staunch supporter of the Middle Eastern War Without End, Cheney, like Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld bears particular responsibility for the conduct of the war. Elder Statesman, walking around freely today.

Paul Wolfowitz. Former US Deputy Secretary of Defense and architect of the Middle Eastern War Without End.
–Casualties in two pre-emptive wars now exceed 100,000 deaths, not including the estimated 2,000+ US deaths and 15,000 wounded.
–Won a Presidential Medal of Freedom for his work and a promotion to the head of the World Bank. Elder Statesman, walking around freely today.

Donald Rumsfeld. US Secretary of Defense during the Middle Eastern War Without End. A signator of the PNAC document that calls for pre-emptive hostile acts of US imperialism conducted by overwhelming military means (War) against weaker nations possessing scarce resources.
–Aside from the estimated 100,000 Iraqi deaths, the estimated 15-20,000 US casualties (dead and injured), and the untold tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands (millions?) who will suffer from the effects of depleted uranium in the years to come, Rumsfeld remains convinced the “war on terror” is just. A long time political appointee, Rumsfeld is an Elder Statesman, walking around freely today.

Ruppert Murdoch. Token American. Media baron. Never met a war he didn’t like. Responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and untold millions of refugees through media encouragement of harsh, US foreign policy.
–Owns a sizable chunk of the US news media. Murdoch is the most visible Godfather of the Mainstream News Mafia (MNM). Elder Statesman and multi-billionaire news baron, walking around freely today.

Former USAF veteran (Honorably Discharged) and Elder Statesman, Douglas Herman writes regularly for Rense and is the author of The Guns of Dallas


The Ukraine: What Happened What Is Happening

The Ukraine:
What Happened
What Is Happening
The Beginning:
The beginning of the uprising in the Ukraine began in the beginning of December, 2013. It was fairly quiet and it continued on into 2014. The reasons for the demonstrations were basically encapsulated by three problems:
1. Continued lack of work resulting in ongoing and growing poverty
2. The corruption of some in the government who were living like kings.
3. The move to go with Russia in a trade deal rather than the European Union.

The demonstrations grew over time and much of the people on the streets of Kiev were onlookers as government building were sieged and seized. From the beginning until this point there had been an attitude of calm and no beatings by the police of demonstrators, no threats with either tear gas or guns. Even as the windows were broken out of the government buildings there remained a stalwart calm by the police and the government.

In other words the demonstations were not at all like the ones in Canada and the USA immediately put down with force and brutal beating by steroidal cops. The crowds looked big because of the flux of onlookers wanting to see what was going on.

This changed rather quickly as thugs came in to join the milieu of demonstrators who were becoming frustrated because they were getting nowhere with the government having chosen the Russia deal over that of the EU deal on trade. However, one must remember that this was and remains a political decision by a democratically elected government of the Ukraine. Just as Canadians couldn’t get anywhere with the Conservative Mulroney Free Trade with the USA.

With the thuggery came changes in the streets of Kiev; violent changes that lead to a lot of very bizarre reporting out of the West and especially the American Press, Reuters, CNN, etc and even our CBC all backing the USA/Canadian/etc obstinance that the rioters were the democratic part of the Ukraine and the elected government not. As I said; bizarre!

Now I’ve watched demonstrations in the USA and they’ve been put down hard and very quickly with a lot of police brutality. Voices are not to be heard in the USA. People are to shut up or face jail on trumped up charges. This is the way of the USA today. No more would there be a chance of the Million Man March taking place without the steroidal imposition of thug cops.

It’s the same in Canada as we, the people, were kept far, far away from the fraud of the G-20 Big Whigs and Prime Minister Harper’s Fake Lake not far from the shores of Lake Ontario (one of the largest lakes in our world) that laps up right into Toronto!

But we did protest and then the thugs came in which led to the arrests of many innocents and others brought into the fray through frustration and the energy of the anarchist thugs the broke windows and set a police car left out in the middle of nowhere just waiting to be set alight; it was.

The, we watched the ‘anarchist’ shed their black attire and walk away and this was followed by the arrests of the only people left; the rightful protesters. No it was not a set up. Of course not;-).

It turned much, much worse in the Ukraine. These were very serious thugs sent in by the West. And I say this with conviction because I’ve looked at numerous peaceful protests turn wild with the introduction of thugs and police and confusion. I’ve been in demonstrations that have been peaceful back in the 60s and 70s and one that turned mean in the 1980s. I don’t know if infiltrators were used then or not but it is more likely than not.

I am putting my research and my experience into an attempt to clarify some of the issues that have happened in the Ukraine and the violence in Kiev especially.

The Upward Momentum:
During these later demonstration the legal President of the Ukraine, Yanukovich, had to flee to Russia or to, very likely, be murdered. This is because the crowds are confused and some whipped into a frenzy by the thugs that have come into Kiev from all over including countries outside the Ukraine. This is the time when the cobblestone roads and pathways near the government buildings begin to be ripped up and thrown at the police which stood their ground (not like Stand Your Ground in the USA and shoot whomsoever) defending themselves and the government building from the fierce onslaught of big stones.

This carried on for sometime and the police DID NOT fire any weapon. The next adventure by the thugs was a host of Molotov Cocktails which were thrown at the police and setting a few of them afire. The police use fire extinguishers to save their fellow police and stood their ground as the Molotov Cocktails continued to be thrown. Not a single shot as the barrage continued.

Next came the shooting and the sniping was not by the police. It was from the thugs of whom a few were on motorcycles racing through the crowds and shooting randomly. As usual CNN, CBC and the rest of the West got it all wrong. CNN I can understand as its a part of their policy most obviously. The CBC I used to trust. Things have changed with pressure by Prime Minister Harper to shut down our CBC. No excuse, I say!






Sadly, too much of our world think they’re experts having read a headline. Even my son’s see that.

All of this is happening and the, so-called leaders in the West, tell a completely different story and they tell it in a set of lies they share with each other and reflects the madness of a press pillaged by the rich of any sort of freedom to tell the story as it is. The corporate press is garbage; pure and simple.

During the riots is when the flavour of the demonstrations changed drastically and they took out the stringent flavour and the acidic palette of neo-Nazism and right wing bigotry and violence. Any Jew slogans began to be smeared upon synagogues and around Kiev and the Ukraine and the fascism of the coup government became easy to see. We now have people in the streets yelling neo-Nazi slogans and we have the neo-Nazi symbols becoming apparent though somewhat disguised. We have big men yelling that the will kill all Jews and all Russians and that they will never stop.

Somehow, this has even escaped Netanyahu. But then Israel will merely transport the Jews out of the Ukraine and build them settlements upon stolen Palestinian ground.

A lot of what I’ve descibed above shows that the coup was well planned and implimented piece by piece over a few months. It has all the details of a CIA initiated coup. It has the initiation of unrest in concert with various problems in the Ukraine exagerated. It has all the indications of uncertainty across the country being built up in a confusing manner. It has the internal fears and dicriminations exagerated and brought to the surface. It has the qiet demonstrations being quiet and then exagerated into violence through the use of thugs and fear. It has hatreds brough to the surface and wildly exagerated into violence whereby the country fell into chaos where it mattered and a vile government taking over

This carries most of the aspects of the American/British coup of a democratic Iran in 1953 and the most horrid coup if Chile in 1973. There are many more and more attempted coups by the USA and its vulgar CIA.

This has pretty much been evidenced by the recorded telephone conversation between the European top adviser Nuland and the US Ambassador to the Ukraine Pyatt. A recorded conversation which has been called bad Russian trade-craft. ie: It’s okay for the USA, CIA, NSA and many other such organization of government but not okay for the Russians! As yet we don’t really know who recorded the call.

Nuland and Pyatt (forget the swear – interpret what they’re saying)



Please view more videos in the Side Bar on the Left.

CIA – 60 Years Later Admits
Should We Wait 60 Years Again
War On Democracy

CIA Coup of Chile 1973
War on Democracy – US backed 1973 coup in Chile

 CIA Kidnapping of Hugo Chavez
No CIA Agents Nor Assets Arrested!



End – Part One


HARPER – Ukraine Visit – Israel Visit

We are not hearing about the legality of the coup and the new ‘government’ from the USA because there is no legality to speak of here.

“Talking about the situation in Ukraine, the key issue is the legality of the government. Is it legal or not, this fundamental question provides a clue for all further deliberations.

It’s not legitimacy, but rather legality that is in question; does the government have a right to function according to law? Many have absolutely forgotten this term, making all considerations and analysis (if miserable and sometimes legally incompetent attempts could be termed so) boil down to «legitimacy». There is a significant difference.

Legality or lawfulness is a strictly defined notion based on norms of internal and international law.

Legitimacy is a purely theoretical legal term. It is defined by law scholars and has no commonly accepted or even legally binding criterion. Now why is everybody keeping on, talking over and over again, about the «legitimacy» of power, while fully ignoring the term «legality»?”

“These are the words by the US State Department spokesman:

«We are in the same place we have been in, which is that we don’t – we believe that Yanukovych has lost his legitimacy as he abdicated his responsibilities. As you know, he left Ukraine – or left Kyiv, and he has left a vacuum of leadership. So we continue to believe that he’s lost legitimacy and our focus remains on the path forward».”

The USA demonstrates that it badly lacks legal arguments to substantiate its stance on Ukraine by substituting the notion of legality (lawfulness) with the blur conception of legitimacy. The West tries to cheat with a sleight-of-hand: it suggests that the legality of legal power be proven instead of making the putschists, who staged the coup, come with legal substantiations proving the legality of their actions!

The Ukraine’s Constitution envisions four ways to deprive the President of power, according to article 11: resignation, health reasons, demise and impeachment. Nothing like that has taken place.”

One cannot say that a man, running from criminals into another country, has lost any legality as the Presudent-leader of that country.
The USA use of the word “Legitimacy” is just more of their planed ‘double speak’ that is used so often in events of this nature and in war. These word are to give the speak ‘deniability’. That is the speaker can say, “I never meant ‘legally'”, in the future. This is a continued trick to get people on-side. People that do not think through that being presented to them.

The Ukraine government is no legal.


Taxpayers, the lucky sods, have paid for about 200 private citizens to join PM Harper with a side of cons to visit the Middle East – ie: To happy, happy Israel.

So, on this happy, happy — we love Netanyahu — visit which included the West Bank – sort of – in a trip that cost us $239,000.

But NDP MP Paul Dewar said Thursday that questions remain regarding how delegates were chosen and whether it represented good value for taxpayers.
“How is it that certain people were chosen to go and have their bill paid for,” he said in an interview.
Dewar said it wasn’t clear from Harper’s itinerary in Israel — where he was honoured with a bird sanctuary and a doctorate — why such a large delegation needed to join him.

But, why the seemed secrecy of who went and why?? It looks more and more as if Harper’s trips – Israel and the Ukraine are meant to garner votes for the next election. Otherwise these trips are of no use to anyone except along lines of favour.

From Tony Burman, formerly of Al Jazeera English and CBC News, special to the Toronto Star:
“As Stephen Harper’s vanity tour of Israel begins, we can be confident about two eventual outcomes.
Harper’s supporters often justify this radical pro-Israeli tilt as an effort to correct an imbalance in the Middle East. This suggests that previous Canadian governments were hostile to Israel, even pro-Arab — which is absolute nonsense.
For Canada, its reputation in significant parts of the world will sink ever lower as a result. And for the State of Israel, it will have even more reason — with friends like Canada’s prime minister — to fear for its future.”

From Jeffery Simpson of the Globe and Mail:
“[Previous] governments, while never wavering in their support for Israel, nonetheless tried to understand the complexities of the world’s most tangled region. They offered help, where possible and where wanted, to all sides (except avowedly terrorist groups) in the region’s enduring political conflicts, bearing in mind that Canada’s influence there has always been slight.

Such a world view, applied to the Middle East, leaves no room for nuance, balance or understanding of complexity, just a dualistic clash between good and evil, progress and darkness, stability and danger. Of course, this is not how other Western countries behave in the Middle East, including those who strongly support Israel. But it is now Canada’s way.”

The BS Prime Minister of Canada – Harper:

Sales of Canadian guns, ammunition surge overseas
Arms trade with countries including Bahrain, Algeria and Iraq raise questions
The Canadian Press Posted: Dec 08, 2013 5:17 PM ET Last Updated: Dec 08, 2013 5:44 PM ET

Bahrain a country having a horrid regime in charge. Basically a dictatorship. Has had a mini-revolution for going on now for almost four years.

Algeria, Iraq — What sort of ass hole would sell these countries arms.

“The analysis by The Canadian Press found that Canadian exports to those countries swelled by 100 per cent from 2011 to 2012, the most recent figures publicly available.”

“During the same time period, exports of Canadian weapons also increased to Pakistan (98 per cent), Mexico (93 per cent) and Egypt (83 per cent), where, respectively, al-Qaeda terrorists, a deadly government war on drug cartels and seismic political upheaval have sparked violence.”

“Canada’s sales to Bahrain shot from zero in 2011 to $250,000 in 2012, while Algeria’s skyrocketed from $29 to $242,000 that same year — a period during which both countries suppressed pro-democracy democratic protests.”

“Paris said Baird’s relative silence on the Bahrain crackdown in particular “raises questions about the consistency of our policy and it suggests hypocrisy.””

Do people in CANADA give a tinker’s damn about the consistent move toward warmongering and weapons sales but this hateful government.?

For the lists please open side-bar on left and click the link.

Since the visit to Israel was to include the West Bank (what’s left of Palestine!) I’d like to know who, in the elite entourage, represents the Palestine issues as Israel steals their land and bulldozes their ancestral homes.