Interference by whom? Provocation by whom?

“Three months ago the U.S. ambassador was caught red-handed discussing who they would accept in the political team they were plotting to install in the Ukraine to replace its elected government. Thousands and thousands of miles away from Washington. The plan went ahead, orchestrating and feeding “pro-Western” demonstrators in Kiev. Now Baird, Cameron & co talk about RUSSIAN interference! As for Crimea, this is historically part of Russia (up until 1954, when Ukraine was granted suzerainty as part of its Warsaw Pact allegiance); small wonder that Russia, faced with renewed attempts to dismantle its former domains and cripple its ability to revive its socio-political fortunes [Cold War Part 2 – ] now has moved to safeguard the predominantly Russian population there, and to protect its naval and military bases. I don’t believe the Western provocateurs seriously thought their blatant interference would have no consequences; either way, mild acceptance of amputation or chaos/conflict on Russia’s borders, suits the game plan of these cynical cold warriors. And to cloak this all in the vapid name of “democracy” is the height of cynicism.”


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