My Letter to the Official Opposition


Honourable Tom Mulcair;

My MP here is Joyce Bateman, I’m sorry to say, an she posted on her web page a foolish little video about her trip the Israel accompanied by ‘community leaders’ from her riding in Winnipeg. She did not say who these community leaders are and I, most certainly, would like to know who has represented me in Israel.

I suppose you’ll disagree with me as did Ms. Bateman with my regard of Israel and its continued expansion. I’m sorry to believe that and it would be refreshing to understand differently. I hold small hope.

Nevertheless, here is the URL to Ms. Bateman’s statement in Parliament.

In response I sent her the following email:

Honourable Joyce Bateman,

Who were these community leaders? I request to know.
Arab/Israeli dialogue but unnamed!!! Who? I request to know
Fight what? Can not hear what you said!
This country has zero leadership in any part of the Middle East. None.
Tell me that you told the Knesset that you were very much against the ‘settlements’ – the continuing theft of land by Israel. No! Again! Do we have to get your whole group to telephone Netanyahu to make this clear!
THE RULE OF LAW!!! Learn about the law before making such erroneous statements! Please.
THE RULE OF LAW – stealing people’s ancestral homes and bulldozing them. This began at the beginning of Israel and has not stopped.
THE RULE OF LAW – Ripping out and burning Palestinian olive trees. Won’t even go into the significance of the Olive Branch.
THE RULE OF LAW — Stoning Palestinian children on the way to school on a daily basis — but shooting dead a Palestinian supposedly throwing stones at cars.
THE RULE OF LAW – stealing Palestinian water – the Israeli idea of fairness – 3x the water for Israelis than Palestinians.
THE RULE OF LAW – the Knesset being changed to block minorities from participation. ie: the 20,000 Palestinians within the so-called boundaries of Israel.
THE RULE OF LAW – screeching Israelis in Palestine screeching at Palestinians that this is Jewish land according to god.
THE RULE OF LAW – MOSSAD (Netanyahu) has assassinated 7 Iranian scientists. International Law tells us that assassination is murder.

Please Joyce explain to us how this country, ever so democratic, facilitates THE RULE OF LAW.
Because it’s a big mystery to all of us.

Now I don’t know, with all the matters at hand, how much you’ve pursued the events in and by Israel as it voraciously steals land from the Palestinians. Our news, including the dying CBC, does not voice much about the plight of Palestine. I do hope you realize that our news, from the WPG Free Press to the Globe and Mail to the Sun regergitations across our land to the inundation of Prime Minister Prefered garbage from the USA, has turned yellow and up-side-down.

So, I’d like to tell you that I have, independent of any group, looked a lot at the Palestine/Israel issues in our world. I’ve seen the expansion on continue faster and faster; I’ve witnessed year after year the phoney pretext of the USA ‘creating a fair detante’ between the two oppositions as Palestine dissappears. I’ve witnessed Kerry (who is totally ignorant) tell the Palestinians ‘not to worry about the settlements and then goof off on any negotiations. Irresponcibe!

Now I witness Ms. Bateman speaking about what a great place Israel is without mentioning their possible 800 nuclear bombs and their tons of chemical weapons. So I can only think of her tagging along on a visit of ignoring the grave problem Israel is in the area.

She also quicky mentions what a beautiful democracy Israel has (only as a far right reform conservative could see it) as the Knesset is moving, much in the same direction of our Parliament to reduce the democracy of the voting procedure by leaving out specific minorities from any possible means of becoming a part of the Knesset thus cutting out the 20,000 Palestinians in Israel proper. Sadly our democracies are going in the same direction with leaders so corrupt as our Harper and their Netanyahu.

I would like Ms. Bateman to be questioned, in Parliament, should the occasion arise, about her thoughts specifically about the Rule of Law this abberent government talks about but never quite concieves.

I would also like to raise the question of the Rule of Law as we see emoted from the reform conservatives with regard to the dastardly deeds laid out by those south of our border – the USA.

The USA has now decided via al Jazeera (America edition) the Colonel Ghadaffi (murdered because of the USA) not guilty of the Lockerbie Bombing of PanAm Flight 103. Now isn’t this cute. We go in there using Lockerbie as one of the major excuses and now we say, “Nah, he didn’t do it. It was Iran.” So, we’ve aided and abetted the murder of Ghadaffi and family members and others as we ignored the letter and the intent of UN Resolution 1973 and we committed such war crimes as taking out the 70% of Libya’s water supply while disabling the repaid facility. Under the Geneva Conventions we were committing war crime in this instance at least.

We were commiting war crimes by killing civilians with our air force and now we’ve committed war crimes because Ghadaffi was not guilty of Lockerbie and this had been clearly shown by the BBC Lockerbie Documentary of 1988 of which I have a copy not to be found (by me at any rate) in the web. The intersting thing about this 1988 documentary is the exposing ot the CIA interfering even at ‘ground zero’ of this tregedy.

Now we’ve allowed the USA/Saudis to push mercenaries into Syria (which was a very calm and secular country; safe unlike the USA; to be destroyed so that people such as our Bateman can go over and proudly come home with some cute little stories. This war, never a rebellion, was contrived by the USA as it has done over and over in nations for the past 100 years at least. I shan’t list them here.

The USA has been after Iran since it was kicked out by the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Please let’s refrain from any illustrations from the Ben Affleck purversion of the truth as the truth begins at least as far back as the 1940s with Britain imposing its will upon Iran and its not paying the agreed royalties upon the oil it took and imposed horrid conditions upon the Iranian oil workers and imposed a low ceiling for Iranians working un the oil administrations – in short the british racism.

The democratically elected government, that had run upon a platform of of oil reform since the British would not budge upon the issue of actually paying, nationalized its oil. After years of haggling with the British they’d given up and they took back their oil.

This was short lived and the CIA (as the Brits requested help from the USA) created a coup and imposed the Shah as puppet monarch or dictator; as you wish. For the years until the revolution the Shah did his bit and the CIA did its murderous bit working out of the US embassy in Tehran. Creating SAVAK in 1957 the CIA proceded to murder dissidents and threw dissident students, in some cases, off of their schools roofs. Also, the beginning of disappearing people off the streets on in the dead of night invading their homes. Sorry not in Ben’s movie.

Shortly after the 444 days of the Hostage Taking (in an embassy not inviolate because of the CIA criminal actions) oddly enough the buddy of the USA (albeit off and on) invaded Iran and a few years in the USA (Reagan, GHW Bush VP) gifted Iraq with all the means to create chemical weapons. Another story!




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