I’ve noticed that the CBC, that used to be a very good news service, is failing in its usual unbiased reporting.

The CBC has taken the West’s/USA’s views as has our total government in Ottawa. I’ve not seen one MP stand aside for one moment, take a good breathe and suggest we look at the other side of the issues here. We’re suddenly taking the side of Harper/Baird and the USA against a Russia that has blocked extreme violence from happening in the Crimea. Putin has halted what could have been a massive revolt in the Crimea because of the ethnic Russian population separating from the Ukraine in a violent revolution. Putin has been an effective peace keeper in this dangerous situation.

Also, by treaty Russia has a big naval position in the Crimea. Putin has to protect the integrity of this base. It is an important base should there be a any Black Sea attack upon Russia or neighbouring countries. I can explain this in detail if you wish; in detail as an observer of the world political stage at this time.

As for the hot steam coming out from Kerry and Obama of the USA this is particularly insulting to anyone who follows the Americans round our globe. I am saddened that the CBC has joined ‘gangland USA reporting’ rather than carefully sifting through the details and the realities of this problem.

As with most other news resources we have today it seems the CBC has bailed out from its boat of integrity and is now reporting as the western governments wish.

The actions in the Ukraine have many stories and sides to the issues but our news has chosen just one.
1. The violence of the demonstrations as PM Harper called them the ‘democracy’
2. From the breaking of glass in so many public buildings and the internal ransacking.
3. To the motorcyclists shooting at police and civilians alike.
4. Police set afire by Molotov cocktails and beaten with sticks.

This was a most violent coup supported by the West.

We cannot honour the views of Kerry with regard to Russia. He’s accused Russia of doing what the USA has and is doing all the time. They are interfering in numerous countries and likely had a hand in the Ukrainian far right coup shortly before elections would be held. This is what the USA does from the interference in Venezuela ongoing including the kidnapping of Hugo Chavez of which no CIA agent nor asset was ever blamed or taken to trial. This happens all over our world.

Just a few refreshers: Iran coup of a democratic government 1953 – the ongoing CIA murders and intrigues out of the USA embassy in Tehran. Ben Affleck’s movie is trash!

CIA coup of a democratic government in Chile.. 17 years of mass murders supported by the USA.

There are many, many more and they’re ongoing in many countries from Cuba to Venezuela to Libya and Syria.

So please let’s get a full picture rather than a one sided trashing of the truth.


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