Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons:


The USA is adamant about the non-proliferation of weapons as it attacks Iran at every step of their nuclear growth that shows no intent to create nuclear weapons. No such action is used to stop the Israeli nuclear weapons proliferation at all. These weapons are not even talked about in the popular media nor are they mentioned in any non-proliferation discussions. It really seems that Israel is just a little child with extremely poor parenting as it cries out over Iran’s potential.

This fool parent, of course, is the USA abiding a tantrum ranting child and giving this child everything it wants. No suggestion, whatsoever, that Israel open up to any inspections of its nuclear industry and arms creation.

It does not matter that Israel will not sign the non-proliferation treaty because the treaty does not require, in any manner, the inspections. The inspections of Iran are far removed from the NPT. It follows than that Israel can be forced in the same manner Iran is being forced to allow inspections. Please do not be confused, the NPT does not, itself, insist upon inspections.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has no say with regard to the NPT. It is tasked with a narrow compliance with “Comprehensive Safeguards Agreements” (as should have been assessed at Fukishima). So it is clear that the IAEA has no place in this argument over non-proliferation.

This simply means that Iran has allowed inspections but is still being assaulted by the USA and friends. And Israel is left to its continued tantrums and continued blocking of any inspections of its nuclear energy and/or its proliferation of nuclear weapons.

If there are any specific questions about a state’s compliance with the NPT the official body to address this question is the International Court of Justice.

The former head of the IAEA, Dr, Hans Blix stated; “So far, Iran has not violated the NPT,” and “there is no evidence right now that suggests that Iran is producing nuclear weapons.”

Also, the Nobel Peace Prize winner (a deserving one) and the director of the IEAE for over ten years, Mohamed ElBaradei said that he had not “seen a shred of evidence” of Iran creating a bomb. He followed this up with, “All I see is the hype about the threat posed by Iran”.

And, yes hype it is and most loudly from the mouth of “Bibi” Netanyahu of Israel and his continued barrage of hate for Iran and lies about Iran.

Both the USA and its friends along with the criminal acting Israel are stonewalling any relief to sanctions put upon Iran with only the loudly mouthed say-so of the USA and Israel in particular. It is most apparent that we are at war with Iran in much the same way the USA was at war with Japan before the attacks upon the Malay Peninsula and Pearl Harbour.

A war began by the British and the USA in 1953 with the coup of Iran’s democratic government and the horrors that followed. It is wrong of the USA to heavily promote sanctions against Iran when they should be apologising upon their knees for the murderous years of the CIA in Iran leading to the Iranian Revolution of 1979. The hostage taking, big in the news, was really nothing compared to the actions of a criminal CIA between the years of 1953 and 1979. Both the Brits and the Americans owe, big time’ for all the oil they stole in this time too.



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