Will the USA Crash and Burn? With a Whimper or a Hellish Release of Fire?

Let’s first note that the USA is showing all the effects of decline. Still the most wickedly powerful; but a country that acts immorally around our globe in a more and more uninhibited manner as it invades other countries with impunity and none of its allies bothering to complain.

The real indicators of a crash are the crumbling of citizens rights, a more and more corrupt government and power not of the people nor for the people concentrated in the wealthy of the land and not the people of the land and a complacent population that believes itself in control and if not in control powerless.

The powerless can be seen very clearly in a set of circumstances. First there are those that dare to rally and protest the loss of power of their vote. These people rally upon the streets but soon the control is taken away as they are crowded with armed police willing to beat up anyone they see whether and woman or a guy. These are not the normal cops of yore. These are steroidal men and violent men that are on the front lines because the like the action and they want to test their steroid muscles against the ordinary citizens; yes test their drug-produced muscle against quiet pot smokers.

Also, a tactic in crowds is for the government to infiltrate the crowds with thugs to initiate violence. It’s an old a tested con from centuries past. The idea is the same; to cause a ruckus, to break some windows, to set cars afire, to throw rocks at the police. This government action then, viewed on television as ‘bad rioters’ for all to see become demonised by the covert press and people in general not having a clue of what is really happening.

This leads to the other restriction of people’s freedoms in the USA and other countries. The press is no longer free but has been coverted by the wealthy who control what people heard and see. It has happened already so there is little chance that the weak-kneed people of the USA and the West will be able to stand up against the rest that believe the press just as long as they can have their guns. Just as long as the gun-totting mass in the states think that having guns will protect them when their little minds are already controlled.

The USA has become a very closed society the really doesn’t know that they’re so easily controlled by the 1%. The movies out of Hollywood continue to make the men with boys’ brains think that being mean, tough, steroidal, maniacs with guns is the way to live – to survive. What a joke! And so easily backed up by Hollywood propaganda movies from Dirty Harry, to Deliverance to the military horse-shit such as Top Gun.

Violence is not censored but sex is.

Now, never as before the American people are being watched. There’s very little way to not be watched without disposing of ones computer, telephone, cell phone and any number of gadgets that trace your every move and put your life’s movement inside super-computers. You are being tracked and its being made to look as if it is a-okay to be tracked ’cause the criminals are caught’!

Perhaps, though, its not the criminals being tracked so much as the ‘ordinary person’. Criminals use toss away cell phones; or stolen cell phones, computers and such without their identities. Ordinary folk don’t do these things to protect themselves because they’re not worried. However it is the ordinary folk being tracked all over now.

Not only will the NSA continue to track everyone (for all intents and purposes) but the CIA is now knowingly active within the bounds of the USA. And, Diane Feinstein of California who was the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence subcommittee knowingly allowed the illegal activities of the CIA within the borders of the USA.

Of course Feinstein is not the first to allow this as Colonel North with Reagan as President guided the CIA to sell mountains of drugs in the USA to the children etc of ordinary Americans as Nancy spouted. “Just say no.” Ah, but North got no jail time though GHW Bush invaded Panama because Noriega, president of Panama had allowed the movement (as a CIA asset) of these same drugs. Hundreds of Panamanians died for the same reason that North got rich under Reagan and VP GHW Bush.

These are the signs of a morally disturbed nation. However, it’s much too late for American to change its horrid ways; its continuous war upon ‘enemies’ nailed by Predator Drones and double attacks by Hell Fire missiles of which the President thinks are funny; worth a joke or two.

Sad. Very, Very sad.

Now the USA is out to get the Russian Federation. With the (may I quote) “F–k the EU.” spoken by a top American diplomat discussing what sounds like a coup. This was an leaked recording of Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt. Victoria is the culprit in the swearing but the important part of the tape is the knowledge, at least, of the coup in the Ukraine.
James Gibney weighs in with more substantive analysis:
“Those who find either the language or the tone of her conversation with Pyatt disturbing know nothing about diplomacy. For starters, the fecklessness of the EU when confronted with Russia’s bad behaviour, whether in Ukraine or elsewhere, is a matter of ugly record. Moreover, if one F-bomb is too much for you, be glad you were never on the receiving end of a tirade from Nuland’s predecessor, Richard Holbrooke.
And as to those who are shocked, just shocked, by the U.S. attempt to manipulate Ukraine’s opposition, this is exactly what diplomats at higher levels try to do: All the foreign ambassadors in Washington worth their pensions have salty, Machiavellian conversations with their superiors and colleagues about how to shape votes of the U.S. Congress. If you’re an American, be glad that pros such as Nuland are on the job, and hope that your other diplomats aren’t sitting around munching cucumber sandwiches in between demarches.”

James Gibney is a features editor at The Atlantic. He was a political officer in the U.S. Foreign Service, where he wrote speeches for Warren Christopher, Anthony Lake, and Bill Clinton.

The shock isn’t so much the language but the attitude of disgust by top Americans for the European Union. They’re supposed to be great buddies. It seems not.

So, perhaps the EU had better understand that the USA, at its highest levels of ‘diplomacy’ has nothing but contempt for the EU its supposed partners in NATO. I’d suggest that is only a part of this extremism by the two in this conversation. The real crime he is the absolute knowledge, ‘couched in language’, of the coup in the Ukraine.

Remember that coups are the expertise of the USA’s CIA. The create coups and upsets in many countries around our poor planets.

Some things to think about when we talk about a USA that has chosen the Dark Side. The side of lies, intrigues, murders and control over everyone. I suggest the European Union ought to distance itself from the USA and look toward a less Destiny driven friendship with meaning instead of insult; a country that has condemned itself to crash and burn – hopefully with whimper and not a world Holocaust.




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