The USA Has World Wide Bases – 800 That It Admits To

BASES USAFirst lets look at the bases from the perspective of the EU, the Middle East North Africa, Australia up to Japan and South Korea.  I’ve clumsily outlines Russia in green.
Starting at the far right the bright red shows us Japan and South Korea.  Note the proximity of Japan to southern west Russia.  If we travel up from Japan and east we quickly come to Alaska.  From this perspective the USA has the far eastern part of Russia covered in a dynamic manner.
Down from Japan we come to the Philippines where the USA still shares bases with the Philippines though both Clark Air Base and Subic Harbour are no longer operative.  The USA is strongly engaged into convincing the Philippines to have them back in numbers.  You’ll note that much of the South Pacific has a USA presence with the exception of Papua New Guinea and following down to Australia.  Not much of a threat to Russia but a serious blockade to any naval travel.
Going back up we come to bigger forces in Malaysia and Thailand.  This, from Japan to Thailand presents a huge blockade of China’s naval movements should they wish to back Russia.
The USA continues to negotiate with India to put bases there.  There are negotiations going on currently.  I’ll ignore all but North Africa and point out that Egypt has its main forces and there are high influences in Libya.
This map does not show Yemen as having any bases for the USA however, the USA is highly active with Drones in Yemen and flying out of Yemen.  The USA backs a cruel regime here as it does in many other places.  Oman, next to Yemen has a heavy population of USA military as does Bahrain with the 5th Fleet and in Saudi Arabia with many bases.  Then we come to Jordan and Israel with shared bases and strong allies especially in Israel.
Syria, a friend of Russia, has been murdered as has Iraq.  The next conquest here will be Iran.  Not because Iran poses any danger but because it sits in the path most wanted by the USA for a swarming of military up through there and neighbouring Afghanistan that has been reduced by the West.  So, in a line we have Turkey, Syria (out) Iran (usable) and Iran (targeted) for the USA to flood through and take on Russia going through Turkmenistan, Uzbekestan, Kasackstan and the borders of West China and Central to West Russia.
Note that Pakistan has bases for the USA Tajikistan has high volume bases.
Turkey is the route to the Black Sea through a fairly narrow channel.  The USA has already moved at least one destroyer through here.
Now we come to Europe and a flood of NATO countries bound as allies to the USA.  Let’s forget the idea that NATO does anything outside of what the USA wants.  Today’s NATO virtually binds its members to do America’s bidding.
Note that France does not allow a USA military presence.  Good but let’s not be fooled into thinking that France will not move with NATO – USA.
The UK, Germany and Poland draw another line against Russia and one can note the importance of the Ukraine and its coup taking it away from Russia as it was going to go with Russia in matters of trade.  For the USA the Ukraine is of utmost importance and the USA wanted to take the Crimea too and to get rid of a very important Russian naval installation.  In this the USA has failed and the naval port remains solidly Russian.
Since Reagan he USA has been pushing missile bases into the countries in Europe close to Russia.  They’ve made invalid claims that the missiles are to prevent Iranian missiles.  What a joke!  Iran has few missiles and zero nukes.  If the USA does explode into war Israel will attack Iran without the excuses they keep trying to make.  Israel has possibly 800 nukes now.

So now we can see the chess board of criminal moves by the USA.


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