Lies And The Liars that Lie

For the moment let’s support the idea that Obama/Biden/Clinton and the USA media were not lying. I know this is one hell of a stretch but let’s just assume this for the moment. Let’s just consider this an exercise in bowing to the might of Propaganda. Propaganda that Hillary thinks there’s just not enough of these days. She’s just one example of not seeing the forest for the trees.

Let’s assume that Russia is in the wrong in protecting the Crimea according to the treaties signed by both Russia and the Ukraine. Let’s assume also that the coup was a home grown affair. No don’t vomit, please. Let’s assume, putting all contrary evidence aside that the people leading the coup were good guys and non-violent along with idealistic motives to preserve human rights for all – Jews, Russians, Hungarians and all the minorities of the Ukraine and the autonomous Crimea.

Now, considering these to be all lies by Russia would mean that we’d have to believe the USA when it made early claims that Russia was pushing its military into the Crimea and that, of course, did not happen. The military was already firmly placed in the Crimea by treaties with the Ukraine. As the USA team of liars (we can include the corporate media here) started their verbal attack Russia had sent no military into the Crimea. Under treaty Russia is allowed 25,000 troops in Crimea to provide protection for its naval bases.

The USA and friends has been supporting the lie that the neo-fascists/neo-Nazis are not a component of the coup when, in fact, they pretty much are in charge of the coup. The coup itself was full of very far right individuals bent upon taking full charge of the Ukraine. Russia did not go there but there is rising evidence that the USA was there with its CIA and/or its military psy-ops both of which are designed and practised to initiate coups used deep propaganda and the hiring of henchmen and rabble rousers to create havoc. The USA has been perfecting this means of country takeovers for a very long time. Two of the most memorable coups are the coup of Iran by the CIA/MI6 in 1953 and the coup of Chile by Nixon/Kissinger of 1973. Both led to hellish situations in these countries.

Though not indicated by the USA and minions or the corporate media white supremist banners and Ukrainian confederate flags were put up inside Kiev’s occupied City Hall. The Nazi SS and White Power symbols were hoisted in the streets and, of course, the Lenin memorial was ruined.

Following the flight of Yanukovich thr EuroMaiden protesters destroyed a memorial to the Ukrainians that died fighting off the German occupation of WWII as sieh heil salutes were broadly announcing the takeover of the Ukraine.

There also was an anarchist group called the AntiFascist Union Ukraine that attempted to join the Euromaiden demonstrations but were unwanted by the neo-fascists taking charge. They were shouted at with slogans calling them “Jews, blacks, communists.

Reportedly there were lots of Nationalists there that has a big amount of Nazi members.

These are but some of the Truths ignored by our corporate media in the same manner as the GHW Bush Invasion of Panama was ignored and the media kept out. The same as the 8 day murderous siege of the Holy City of Fallugah was ignored and the embedded press told to go to their hotel rooms and relax. This IS how the USA does its business and cowards such as Harper, Baird, Cameron, Merkel subserviently follow in step.

When one gets into the details (and I’m not waiting 30 years for the truth to be allowed out by the USA) the Ukraine actions are very very frightening and I feel so very sorry for a Ukraine being bamboozled internally and most of the rest of our world kept in the darkness of lies from the higher ups and the corporate media.

A foremost academic and an expert on the neo=Fascism in Europe, Per Anders Rudling(1) tells ut that Mykhalchyshyn (socialist-nationalist) is the big link between Svoboda’s ‘official’ centre and the neo-Nazi militants of the far right. Svoboda(2,3) is the far right nationalist party and one of the three major political parties in today’s Ukraine.

The leader of the Svoboda (freedom) Party, Oleh Tyahnybok(4), has notably called for the ‘liberation of his country’ from the ‘Muscovite-Jewish Mafia’. Often, Tyahnybok has been likened to Stepan Bandera, widely revered in the West of Ukraine as a Ukrainian icon, but who others cite as a Nazi collaborator responsible for large-scale killing of Poles and Jews in World War 2. The simplistic John McCain with Democrat Chris Murphy met with Oleh Tyahnybok in December 2013(5).

Interestingly, in 2010 Tyahnybok’s deputy rushed to Germany, right after the guilty verdict upon John Demjanjuk of being partly responsible for the death of almost 30 thousand at the Nazi Sobibor camp, to declare Demjanjuk a man who was ‘fighting for the truth’ (6).

There a whole lot more history that even Haaretz is not talking about here. I’m not surprised really but disappointed in Haaretz and Israel also backing the neo-Nazis because ot their ties with the USA. I fathom no other reason for Haaretz and the Israeli government for promoting, at the very least, near Nazism.

Further proofs of the USA being highly involved in the politics of the Ukraine is a leaked telephone conversation between two top American diplomats – Geoffrey Pyatt the US ambassador to the Ukraine and the top European-Union US adviser Victoria Jane Nuland (forget the swear!).(8,9)

It is with the Victoria Nuland/Geoffrey Pyatt conversation that we get some very good indications of the plotting by the USA in the events leading to the coup. Next we have a discussion about the leaked tape and State Dept Psaki being grilled the ‘problem’ and saying (blaming the Russians), “This is a new low in Russian trade craft….”

As with this whole affair it is badgering at the Russians for the screw-ups and warmongering by the USA. The lies never, never stop. The USA never, never gives up its lies as they ‘know’ that to keep on lying and blaming with confuse and bring the American public around to the acceptable view that lies are the new truth.

The top liars in this dangerous scenario are the President of the United States of America Barak Obama, Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton and John Kerry. The lies have been particularly vicious and over-the-top even for Americans in high places. Everything out of the White House and the USA has been viscous and warmongering. They’ve been putting down Russia as if Russia is a bad child!

The opposite is true and this is true for all the years the Putin and Medvedev have been in charge of Russia in leadership roles of the Duma which is the representative assembly also known as the lower house of parliament of the Russian Federation and, unlike the USA is actually a democracy though a youthful one.

The fact is that it is Russia that has acted the ‘older son’ of the democratic process here and acting with great behaviour unlike the vociferous Americans and the pedantic Canadians along with the buffoons of the British parliament. In this whole mess it is only Putin and the Russians that have been stalwart, honest and acting with decorum.

But the Americans continue with their blind ignorance as the dynamic-duo (camp) of Canada rant on with the lies. Now don’t be offended, Obama has a way to go to out lie GHW Bush and GW Bush but he makes the lies by ….Clinton look funny by comparison.
FROM the Collection of The Mad Jewess:
The State Department ‘Fact’ #1: Strong evidence suggests that members of Russian security services are at the heart of the highly organized anti-Ukraine forces in Crimea. While these units wear uniforms without insignia, they drive vehicles with Russian military license plates and freely identify themselves as Russian security forces when asked by the international media and the Ukrainian military. Moreover, these individuals are armed with weapons not generally available to civilians.

Refute: “Strong evidence” & “suggestion” is not fact or factual. Crimea is voting to join Russia today. Russian population is over 60% in Crimea:

The State Department ‘Fact’ #2:
The Facts: The 1997 agreement requires Russia to respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Russia’s military actions in Ukraine, which have given them operational control of Crimea, are in clear violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Refute: Crimea is voting to join Russia today. Ethnic-Russian population is over 60% in Crimea:

The State Department ‘Fact’ #3:
The February 21 agreement laid out a plan in which the Rada, or Parliament, would pass a bill to return Ukraine to its 2004 Constitution, thus returning the country to a constitutional system centred around its parliament. Under the terms of the agreement, Yanukovych was to sign the enacting legislation within 24 hours and bring the crisis to a peaceful conclusion. Yanukovych refused to keep his end of the bargain. Instead, he packed up his home and fled, leaving behind evidence of wide-scale corruption.

Refute: Yanukovch should not have left his home and country but he had no choice. Much the same as Mubarak had no choice but to step down because the US State Dept gave HIM no choice. “Wide scale corruption?” We will assume you are talking about John McCain and Victoria Nuland who engaged rioters in Kiev. Those same rioters intimidated Yanukovych to leave his country for fear of his own life.

Want More: Go to—

‘Quote: At the appointed moment, they remove their windbreakers to reveal white T-shirts emblazoned with the words “Beat the kikes.” Their jackets carry the name of Svoboda, the ultranationalist Ukrainian political party.’

It’s sad that the past anti-war activist (so we’re told) John Kerry is such a belittling warmonger of the highest degree.

SECRETARY KERRY: “Well, it’s an incredible act of aggression. It is really a stunning, wilful choice by President Putin to invade another country. Russia is in violation of the sovereignty of Ukraine. Russia is in violation of its international obligations. Russia is in violation of its obligations under the UN Charter, under the Helsinki Final Act. It’s a violation of its obligations under the 1994 Budapest agreement. You just don’t, in the 21st century, behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext. So it is a very serious moment.”

REMEMBER: The USA invasions based upon lies: Iraq, Iraq again, Panama, Libya,Peru-1948; Vietnam-1948 Support for French recolonisation. Fear of independent Vietnam.;
Nicaragua – 1948 Pro-USA government and access to plantations. ;
China -1949 Access to a pro-USA and pro-business government.;
Colombia -1950 Destruction of an agricultural rival. ;
Korea-1950 Killing Civilians;
Puerto Rico – 1950 To crush independence movement.;
Philippines- 1953 Wanted pro-USA government and military bases.;
Vietnam – 1954 Fear of united and powerful independent country.; and on and on….
Just a start of the bloody warmongering and lies by the USA.

So this is what we have. A Ukraine falling to pieces and the most likely of causes from historical perspectives, USA interference with the backing of the EU and Canada in particular.





6. (In Ukrainian)




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