HARPER – Ukraine Visit – Israel Visit

We are not hearing about the legality of the coup and the new ‘government’ from the USA because there is no legality to speak of here.

“Talking about the situation in Ukraine, the key issue is the legality of the government. Is it legal or not, this fundamental question provides a clue for all further deliberations.

It’s not legitimacy, but rather legality that is in question; does the government have a right to function according to law? Many have absolutely forgotten this term, making all considerations and analysis (if miserable and sometimes legally incompetent attempts could be termed so) boil down to «legitimacy». There is a significant difference.

Legality or lawfulness is a strictly defined notion based on norms of internal and international law.

Legitimacy is a purely theoretical legal term. It is defined by law scholars and has no commonly accepted or even legally binding criterion. Now why is everybody keeping on, talking over and over again, about the «legitimacy» of power, while fully ignoring the term «legality»?”

“These are the words by the US State Department spokesman:

«We are in the same place we have been in, which is that we don’t – we believe that Yanukovych has lost his legitimacy as he abdicated his responsibilities. As you know, he left Ukraine – or left Kyiv, and he has left a vacuum of leadership. So we continue to believe that he’s lost legitimacy and our focus remains on the path forward».”

The USA demonstrates that it badly lacks legal arguments to substantiate its stance on Ukraine by substituting the notion of legality (lawfulness) with the blur conception of legitimacy. The West tries to cheat with a sleight-of-hand: it suggests that the legality of legal power be proven instead of making the putschists, who staged the coup, come with legal substantiations proving the legality of their actions!

The Ukraine’s Constitution envisions four ways to deprive the President of power, according to article 11: resignation, health reasons, demise and impeachment. Nothing like that has taken place.”

One cannot say that a man, running from criminals into another country, has lost any legality as the Presudent-leader of that country.
The USA use of the word “Legitimacy” is just more of their planed ‘double speak’ that is used so often in events of this nature and in war. These word are to give the speak ‘deniability’. That is the speaker can say, “I never meant ‘legally'”, in the future. This is a continued trick to get people on-side. People that do not think through that being presented to them.

The Ukraine government is no legal.


Taxpayers, the lucky sods, have paid for about 200 private citizens to join PM Harper with a side of cons to visit the Middle East – ie: To happy, happy Israel.

So, on this happy, happy — we love Netanyahu — visit which included the West Bank – sort of – in a trip that cost us $239,000.

But NDP MP Paul Dewar said Thursday that questions remain regarding how delegates were chosen and whether it represented good value for taxpayers.
“How is it that certain people were chosen to go and have their bill paid for,” he said in an interview.
Dewar said it wasn’t clear from Harper’s itinerary in Israel — where he was honoured with a bird sanctuary and a doctorate — why such a large delegation needed to join him.

But, why the seemed secrecy of who went and why?? It looks more and more as if Harper’s trips – Israel and the Ukraine are meant to garner votes for the next election. Otherwise these trips are of no use to anyone except along lines of favour.

From Tony Burman, formerly of Al Jazeera English and CBC News, special to the Toronto Star:
“As Stephen Harper’s vanity tour of Israel begins, we can be confident about two eventual outcomes.
Harper’s supporters often justify this radical pro-Israeli tilt as an effort to correct an imbalance in the Middle East. This suggests that previous Canadian governments were hostile to Israel, even pro-Arab — which is absolute nonsense.
For Canada, its reputation in significant parts of the world will sink ever lower as a result. And for the State of Israel, it will have even more reason — with friends like Canada’s prime minister — to fear for its future.”

From Jeffery Simpson of the Globe and Mail:
“[Previous] governments, while never wavering in their support for Israel, nonetheless tried to understand the complexities of the world’s most tangled region. They offered help, where possible and where wanted, to all sides (except avowedly terrorist groups) in the region’s enduring political conflicts, bearing in mind that Canada’s influence there has always been slight.

Such a world view, applied to the Middle East, leaves no room for nuance, balance or understanding of complexity, just a dualistic clash between good and evil, progress and darkness, stability and danger. Of course, this is not how other Western countries behave in the Middle East, including those who strongly support Israel. But it is now Canada’s way.”

The BS Prime Minister of Canada – Harper:

Sales of Canadian guns, ammunition surge overseas
Arms trade with countries including Bahrain, Algeria and Iraq raise questions
The Canadian Press Posted: Dec 08, 2013 5:17 PM ET Last Updated: Dec 08, 2013 5:44 PM ET

Bahrain a country having a horrid regime in charge. Basically a dictatorship. Has had a mini-revolution for going on now for almost four years.

Algeria, Iraq — What sort of ass hole would sell these countries arms.

“The analysis by The Canadian Press found that Canadian exports to those countries swelled by 100 per cent from 2011 to 2012, the most recent figures publicly available.”

“During the same time period, exports of Canadian weapons also increased to Pakistan (98 per cent), Mexico (93 per cent) and Egypt (83 per cent), where, respectively, al-Qaeda terrorists, a deadly government war on drug cartels and seismic political upheaval have sparked violence.”

“Canada’s sales to Bahrain shot from zero in 2011 to $250,000 in 2012, while Algeria’s skyrocketed from $29 to $242,000 that same year — a period during which both countries suppressed pro-democracy democratic protests.”

“Paris said Baird’s relative silence on the Bahrain crackdown in particular “raises questions about the consistency of our policy and it suggests hypocrisy.””

Do people in CANADA give a tinker’s damn about the consistent move toward warmongering and weapons sales but this hateful government.?

For the lists please open side-bar on left and click the link.

Since the visit to Israel was to include the West Bank (what’s left of Palestine!) I’d like to know who, in the elite entourage, represents the Palestine issues as Israel steals their land and bulldozes their ancestral homes.



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