The Ukraine: What Happened What Is Happening

The Ukraine:
What Happened
What Is Happening
The Beginning:
The beginning of the uprising in the Ukraine began in the beginning of December, 2013. It was fairly quiet and it continued on into 2014. The reasons for the demonstrations were basically encapsulated by three problems:
1. Continued lack of work resulting in ongoing and growing poverty
2. The corruption of some in the government who were living like kings.
3. The move to go with Russia in a trade deal rather than the European Union.

The demonstrations grew over time and much of the people on the streets of Kiev were onlookers as government building were sieged and seized. From the beginning until this point there had been an attitude of calm and no beatings by the police of demonstrators, no threats with either tear gas or guns. Even as the windows were broken out of the government buildings there remained a stalwart calm by the police and the government.

In other words the demonstations were not at all like the ones in Canada and the USA immediately put down with force and brutal beating by steroidal cops. The crowds looked big because of the flux of onlookers wanting to see what was going on.

This changed rather quickly as thugs came in to join the milieu of demonstrators who were becoming frustrated because they were getting nowhere with the government having chosen the Russia deal over that of the EU deal on trade. However, one must remember that this was and remains a political decision by a democratically elected government of the Ukraine. Just as Canadians couldn’t get anywhere with the Conservative Mulroney Free Trade with the USA.

With the thuggery came changes in the streets of Kiev; violent changes that lead to a lot of very bizarre reporting out of the West and especially the American Press, Reuters, CNN, etc and even our CBC all backing the USA/Canadian/etc obstinance that the rioters were the democratic part of the Ukraine and the elected government not. As I said; bizarre!

Now I’ve watched demonstrations in the USA and they’ve been put down hard and very quickly with a lot of police brutality. Voices are not to be heard in the USA. People are to shut up or face jail on trumped up charges. This is the way of the USA today. No more would there be a chance of the Million Man March taking place without the steroidal imposition of thug cops.

It’s the same in Canada as we, the people, were kept far, far away from the fraud of the G-20 Big Whigs and Prime Minister Harper’s Fake Lake not far from the shores of Lake Ontario (one of the largest lakes in our world) that laps up right into Toronto!

But we did protest and then the thugs came in which led to the arrests of many innocents and others brought into the fray through frustration and the energy of the anarchist thugs the broke windows and set a police car left out in the middle of nowhere just waiting to be set alight; it was.

The, we watched the ‘anarchist’ shed their black attire and walk away and this was followed by the arrests of the only people left; the rightful protesters. No it was not a set up. Of course not;-).

It turned much, much worse in the Ukraine. These were very serious thugs sent in by the West. And I say this with conviction because I’ve looked at numerous peaceful protests turn wild with the introduction of thugs and police and confusion. I’ve been in demonstrations that have been peaceful back in the 60s and 70s and one that turned mean in the 1980s. I don’t know if infiltrators were used then or not but it is more likely than not.

I am putting my research and my experience into an attempt to clarify some of the issues that have happened in the Ukraine and the violence in Kiev especially.

The Upward Momentum:
During these later demonstration the legal President of the Ukraine, Yanukovich, had to flee to Russia or to, very likely, be murdered. This is because the crowds are confused and some whipped into a frenzy by the thugs that have come into Kiev from all over including countries outside the Ukraine. This is the time when the cobblestone roads and pathways near the government buildings begin to be ripped up and thrown at the police which stood their ground (not like Stand Your Ground in the USA and shoot whomsoever) defending themselves and the government building from the fierce onslaught of big stones.

This carried on for sometime and the police DID NOT fire any weapon. The next adventure by the thugs was a host of Molotov Cocktails which were thrown at the police and setting a few of them afire. The police use fire extinguishers to save their fellow police and stood their ground as the Molotov Cocktails continued to be thrown. Not a single shot as the barrage continued.

Next came the shooting and the sniping was not by the police. It was from the thugs of whom a few were on motorcycles racing through the crowds and shooting randomly. As usual CNN, CBC and the rest of the West got it all wrong. CNN I can understand as its a part of their policy most obviously. The CBC I used to trust. Things have changed with pressure by Prime Minister Harper to shut down our CBC. No excuse, I say!






Sadly, too much of our world think they’re experts having read a headline. Even my son’s see that.

All of this is happening and the, so-called leaders in the West, tell a completely different story and they tell it in a set of lies they share with each other and reflects the madness of a press pillaged by the rich of any sort of freedom to tell the story as it is. The corporate press is garbage; pure and simple.

During the riots is when the flavour of the demonstrations changed drastically and they took out the stringent flavour and the acidic palette of neo-Nazism and right wing bigotry and violence. Any Jew slogans began to be smeared upon synagogues and around Kiev and the Ukraine and the fascism of the coup government became easy to see. We now have people in the streets yelling neo-Nazi slogans and we have the neo-Nazi symbols becoming apparent though somewhat disguised. We have big men yelling that the will kill all Jews and all Russians and that they will never stop.

Somehow, this has even escaped Netanyahu. But then Israel will merely transport the Jews out of the Ukraine and build them settlements upon stolen Palestinian ground.

A lot of what I’ve descibed above shows that the coup was well planned and implimented piece by piece over a few months. It has all the details of a CIA initiated coup. It has the initiation of unrest in concert with various problems in the Ukraine exagerated. It has all the indications of uncertainty across the country being built up in a confusing manner. It has the internal fears and dicriminations exagerated and brought to the surface. It has the qiet demonstrations being quiet and then exagerated into violence through the use of thugs and fear. It has hatreds brough to the surface and wildly exagerated into violence whereby the country fell into chaos where it mattered and a vile government taking over

This carries most of the aspects of the American/British coup of a democratic Iran in 1953 and the most horrid coup if Chile in 1973. There are many more and more attempted coups by the USA and its vulgar CIA.

This has pretty much been evidenced by the recorded telephone conversation between the European top adviser Nuland and the US Ambassador to the Ukraine Pyatt. A recorded conversation which has been called bad Russian trade-craft. ie: It’s okay for the USA, CIA, NSA and many other such organization of government but not okay for the Russians! As yet we don’t really know who recorded the call.

Nuland and Pyatt (forget the swear – interpret what they’re saying)



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End – Part One



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