Israel 1967:

Gush Emunim explained that the victory in the 1967 war was actually the work of the hand of god that reunited the two pieces of Israel. Gush rabbis then followed by the idea that to give up any land would be to reject the mandate of god and would forfeit the bringing about of salvation.

The Likud, centre right party in Israel, loved this idea though it was (or because it was) messianist in nature; based on strict belief, rather in the understanding of our world. A dangerous ideal that was a part of the belief system leading to the Holocaust and so many other horrible actions by people that ‘believe’ rather then think.

For Israelis this meant that all of Palestine was rightfully theirs and this feeling, this belief, extended into the actions leading up to today and focused this feeling on taking everything they wanted for themselves with no option for the Palestinians to have any rights at all. Today this religious Apartheid is self evident with the wall and the wall of ideas separating the lands stolen by Israel from the lands being stolen by Israel.

Partly this is why the so-called Peace Process has not worked and can never work because ,many Israelis, just like the Nazi Youth, believe they are the Chosen People above that of any other peoples. This is not every Israeli, by any means, but it is and has been a focus of the very, objectionable right wing of the Kissnet under the thumb of the accusatory Netaneyahu.

“From Beirut to Jerusalem” Thomas L. Friedman 1989

How Some Jews Treat Christians in Israel

If Israel could do this to a young American Jew, imagine what Palestinians Have to Take






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