I know I risk being called anti-Semitic by posting these videos. I know that it will not matter how often I say I am not. It’s sad to risk hatred because one actually acts out of love; really. A love for those who are oppressed by hatreds and situations.

This is a risk I’ll need to assume though I am afraid of being persecuted for my  views as others have been though I don’t mind discussing those ideas. Once one has been accused of being anti-Semitic it is difficult to push away the accusations. I’ve seen this.

Some are accused of being anti-Semitic because they understand the clarity of a lot of videos now on youtube showing the theft of land by Israel; the hatefulness of a lot of Israelis toward Palestinians whose ancestral homes have been destroyed and taken over by settlers; the harassment by so many by the Israelis, and pointing of the “Jews are not the Chosen Race” or that Jews are not a race by a religion. A couple of videos I may have ignored but the flood of the videos shows a very numbing Apartheid that has taken hold.

Why are we assaulted by Zionists because we read and/or listen to Noam Chomsky or Norm Finkelstein amoung others such as Thomas Friedman. These people make a lot of sense that fits in with all the evidence of Apartheid type of action and the Wall of Massive Inconvenience with special roads just for the ease of Israelis and the Palestinians given no access.

I’ve never been a Holocaust denier. It most certainly happened and it is being reflected by the Israelis in their hate for Palestinians and the ease with which they continue to steal the land, the hope, the pride of a people being persecuted daily by Israel and those like the Conservatives in government ib Canada who refuse even to observe the existance of Palestine by only using words such as the West Bank or Gaza and never Palestine.

So, in essence, the Conservatives of Canada are Palestine Deniers and that’s just as damned bad as being a Holocaust Denier; every bit!

And a Prime Minister who has stated and not retracted the statement he made about Israel “no matter what”! And a Foreign Affairs minister who threw a tantrum in the UN (embarassing all thinking Canadians) when Palestine was finally noted as a place and in existance (though disappearing with every minute that goes by on our clocks all round our poor world.

No, I guess I’ll have to suffer the consequences of being honest to myself; and honest to our world; no matter the maddening crowd.



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