What Is the Foundation for Defense of Democracies?

It is a right wing, neoconservative think tank made up by a bunch of pro-Israel billionaires
doing their utmost to ‘own’ democracies for their own gain by trampling human rights. This
is why they’re highly supportive of the Saudis and the Saudi focus upon ethnic cleanseing of
Muslims that are not Sunni.

The FDD has a long history of promoting alarmist rhetoric and fear mongering from the lies
about Osama bin Laden, Yasser Arafat and Saddam Hussein in particular, They were a major
faction behind the “Bush regimes” which led to the second Invasion of Iraq and the
destruction of a whole country and all its people. The same with Libya.

In 2001 these billionaires created a focus upon winning sympathy for Israel in its fight to take
over Palestine. Since that time Netanyahu has increased the land theft – the land reform – of
the Weast Bank – Palestine. So the billionaires created a propaganda machine to convert the
minds od many, many Americans. Not a hard job when the American people are so easily

The vehicle to sway the American public was named Emet: An Educational Initiative, Inc
which was create to create and offer propaganda in support of Israel which is now the FDD
after the 9/11.

The FDD has a yearly budget o $3 million supplied by 27 major donors of which most belong
to the ‘Study Group’ which is ofter referred to as the ‘Mega Group’ and is an organization of
major Jewish philanthropists.

I was angry with David Andrew Weinberg in his interview on ‘Worlds Apart’ on RT and I
thought him quite out-of-touch with reality in this interview in which he backed the USA so
much in its choices.

However, Weinberg’s article of the 26th March 2014 was much more telling and much more
about the truth of the oppression by the Saudis in Saudi Arabia.


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