Talking For Years

I’ve been talking for years about the CIA/etc being very active in Venezuela with the proofs of the kidnapping of Hugo Chavez and his being saved by his own people but with no arrests of the culprits by the USA. Now I know this puts the USA into a bit of a quandary as it sits out the fence between the Land of the Rule of Law and the Land of Covert Activities.

It seems, though, that the Land of the Rule of Law is a very tiny and weak land in the USA. A land with little significance that roars as if a bodiless lion. The Land of Covert Activities is a large land and a land of, oh so secret activities, of national import to the USA. A land completely in opposition to the Rule of Law. A land with the head of a snake and the body of a raging bull.

Now much more evidence has come out to back my claims of the absolute illegal activities causing much violence in the streets of Caracas and harm all over Venezuela because of the absolute ignorance of the USA.


Statement by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu on US Efforts to Curb Freedom of Speech

I am writing today to express grave concern about a wave of legislative measures in the United States aimed at punishing and intimidating those who speak their conscience and challenge the human rights violations endured by the Palestinian people. In legislatures in Maryland, New York, Illinois, Florida, and even the United States Congress, bills have been proposed that would either bar funding to academic associations or seek to malign those who have taken a stand against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

These legislative efforts are in response to a growing international initiative, the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement, of which I have long been a supporter. The BDS movement emanates from a call for justice put out by the Palestinian people themselves. It is a Palestinian-led, international nonviolent movement that seeks to force the Israeli government to comply with international law in respect to its treatment of the Palestinian people.

I have supported this movement because it exerts pressure without violence on the State of Israel to create lasting peace for the citizens of Israel and Palestine, peace which most citizens crave. I have witnessed the systematic violence against and humiliation of Palestinian men, women and children by members of the Israeli security forces. Their humiliation and pain is all too familiar to us South Africans.

In South Africa, we could not have achieved our democracy without the help of people around the world, who through the use of non-violent means, such as boycotts and divestment, encouraged their governments and other corporate actors to reverse decades-long support for the Apartheid regime. My conscience compels me to stand with the Palestinians as they seek to use the same tactics of non-violence to further their efforts to end the oppression associated with the Israeli occupation.

The legislations being proposed in the United States would have made participation in a movement like the one that ended Apartheid in South Africa extremely difficult.

I am also deeply troubled by the rhetoric associated with the promulgation of these bills which I understand, in the instance of Maryland, included testimony comparing the boycott to the actions of the Nazis in Germany. The Nazi Holocaust which resulted in the extermination of millions of Jews is a crime of monstrous proportions. To imply that it is in any way comparable to a nonviolent initiative diminishes the horrific nature of that genocidal and tragic era in our world history.

Whether used in South Africa, the US South, or India, boycotts have resulted in a transformative change that not only brought freedom and justice to the victims but also peace and reconciliation for the oppressors. I strongly oppose any piece of legislation meant to punish or deter individuals from pursuing this transformative aspiration. And I remain forever hopeful that, like the nonviolent efforts that have preceded it, the BDS movement will ultimately become a catalyst for honest peace and reconciliation for all our brothers and sisters, both Palestinian and Israeli, in the Holy Land.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

This statement was issued by Oryx Media.

Join the USA — Not on your Life

Diane Francis of the National Post thinks Canada ought to join the USA!  What is wrong with this ex-American nut?

Here’s a bit of news about that country—-
“Graduate and undergraduate student demonstrators at UC Santa Cruz continued to face university intimidation during the second day of the UAW Unfair Labor Practices strike on April 3. During both days of the strike, riot police were outfitted and deployed at the west entrance of campus. Two individuals were arrested on April 3, which followed the 20 arrests that were made the previous day by University of California police. Additionally, the university continued to video tape legal strike activities. UAW Local 2865, the labor union that represents Graduate Student Workers and Teaching Assistants, said in a press release that the measures the university took were “simply an attempt to intimidate individuals involved in lawful conduct.”Santa Cruz Police Department Grenadiers

These police are getting ready for extreme violence.  Look at them!

And this is a University Strike.

Maybe, they ought just to hire Israel to build another fence.  Just like the one isolating Mexico.

USA Never Quits Its Abismal Behaviour

It is being reported that the USA created a $1.6 million effort in Cuba to create a ‘social media network’ meant to be used by USA trolls to create difficulties for the Cuban government. Associated Press documents that have identified this project —

“WASHINGTON (AP) — In July 2010, Joe McSpedon, a U.S. government official, flew to Barcelona to put the final touches on a secret plan to build a social media project aimed at undermining Cuba’s communist government.

McSpedon and his team of high-tech contractors had come in from Costa Rica and Nicaragua, Washington and Denver. Their mission: to launch a messaging network that could reach hundreds of thousands of Cubans. To hide the network from the Cuban government, they would set up a byzantine system of front companies using a Cayman Islands bank account, and recruit unsuspecting executives who would not be told of the company’s ties to the U.S. government.”

Its is being reported that USAID is the culprit behind this propaganda/troll attack upon another sovereign nation the the USA, out-of-its-mind, continues to hate and to cause trouble on an ongoing basis.

The social media con was named “ZunZuneo” and the ordinary users of this fakery were completely unknowing of the USA government involvement in this near ‘act of war’ upon the sovereignty of the Cuban people.

It is being reported that this project was begun in 2009 with a Washington based business, Creative Associates International, obtained about 500,000 cellphone numbers of Cuban citizens. The company tried very hard to keep its involvement completely under wraps through the efforts of creating ‘front companies’ in other parts of our world and by manipulating the money through Cayman Island secret banking services.

Is Cuba being the only country being targeted by the efforts of USAID? Likely not as there are suspicions that some of the uprisings in the Philippines have been brought on by simila activities as the USA works to get itself back into the Philippines in a very big way. We certainly can expect a lot going on in Venezuela to be because of the actions of the very nefarious USA as it proceeds full steam ahead keeping our world off kilter when we could be looking for peace and not more war.