Join the USA — Not on your Life

Diane Francis of the National Post thinks Canada ought to join the USA!  What is wrong with this ex-American nut?

Here’s a bit of news about that country—-
“Graduate and undergraduate student demonstrators at UC Santa Cruz continued to face university intimidation during the second day of the UAW Unfair Labor Practices strike on April 3. During both days of the strike, riot police were outfitted and deployed at the west entrance of campus. Two individuals were arrested on April 3, which followed the 20 arrests that were made the previous day by University of California police. Additionally, the university continued to video tape legal strike activities. UAW Local 2865, the labor union that represents Graduate Student Workers and Teaching Assistants, said in a press release that the measures the university took were “simply an attempt to intimidate individuals involved in lawful conduct.”Santa Cruz Police Department Grenadiers

These police are getting ready for extreme violence.  Look at them!

And this is a University Strike.

Maybe, they ought just to hire Israel to build another fence.  Just like the one isolating Mexico.


2 thoughts on “Join the USA — Not on your Life

  1. PM Harper might like this. But I’d consider that a treacherous way of thinking. We are much too much following the pitiful USA in its assaults all over our poor world. I would suggest that Diane go back to where she came from; the Windy City meaning, of course, that it blows a lot of hot air!

    Yes, Diane, give up your Canadian citizenship and just go home. Make your living spouting crap down there were crap is much more essential than truth and honesty.

  2. Russel, or Nebulous or Ronell or whatever your name is this week
    Ms Francis is a Canadian citizen and is therefore free to express her opinion, whether you or I agree or disagree. Telling her to go back where she came from is no different than a First Nations person telling you to go back wherever it is you come from. But, then again, tolerance has never been your thing.

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