Talking For Years

I’ve been talking for years about the CIA/etc being very active in Venezuela with the proofs of the kidnapping of Hugo Chavez and his being saved by his own people but with no arrests of the culprits by the USA. Now I know this puts the USA into a bit of a quandary as it sits out the fence between the Land of the Rule of Law and the Land of Covert Activities.

It seems, though, that the Land of the Rule of Law is a very tiny and weak land in the USA. A land with little significance that roars as if a bodiless lion. The Land of Covert Activities is a large land and a land of, oh so secret activities, of national import to the USA. A land completely in opposition to the Rule of Law. A land with the head of a snake and the body of a raging bull.

Now much more evidence has come out to back my claims of the absolute illegal activities causing much violence in the streets of Caracas and harm all over Venezuela because of the absolute ignorance of the USA.


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