The Propaganda of Iran – As It Applies to Today’s World

The Propaganda of Iran –
As It Applies to Today’s World

I’ve written quite a bit about coups by the CIA/USA but one really stands out because just recently after 60 long, insufferable years the USA has finally admitted, at least part, of its huge CIA coup of the democratic government of Iran in 1953.

The US National Security Archive has stated, “American and British involvement in Mossadegh’s ouster has long been public knowledge, but today’s posting includes what is believed to be the CIA’s first formal acknowledgement that the agency helped to plan and execute the coup,”

Now, if anything the above statement is pretty much chopped liver. The taste rankles a lot of us. This is really no admission of the events and the criminality of the USA from the CIA engineered coup of ’53 until the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and the hostage taking of an embassy guilty of huge crimes against the nation of Iran.

Is it odd that there are no apologies here by the USA; no movement put forward to re-pay Iran and the Iranian people for the crimes of the CIA working out of the USA Embassy in Tehran?

It’s also of great concern that the lies about the CIA having burned all the CIA documents having to do with the criminal actions of the coup and all the actions of the CIA until the ousting of the puppet Shah put in as a dictator controlled by the USA from just after the coup until being ousted by the Iranian Revolution.

According to the USA/CIA document at shows quite a bit more about what has been a virtual secret with ‘plausible deniability’ now destroyed.

In 1981 the CIA/USA released a heavily redacted account as a response to the ACLU -American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit. Much of the documents referring to MI6 (UK) code ‘Operation Boot’ or the CIA (USA) code TPAJAX.

The CIA has admitted that its involvement included the planning of the coup and the execution of the coup which, of course, included the bribing of Iranian politicians, security and high-ranking officers of the military of Iran. They admitted, finally, of the propaganda leading up to the coup.

The CIA has admitted that the coup was created by the CIA and that it was an act of US foreign policy that had been conceived and approved at the highest levels of government in the USA. These facts are very important because these are/were/remain vile acts of war against Iran for the interests of the USA and the UK.

Let’s be clear, this was not an action by the USA in retaliation for any acts by Iran against the USA. Though these acts did take back the oil that was/is Iran’s from the UK they were legal acts and they were precipitated by the rude and illegal acts by the UK over a number of years.

The USA/CIA had two reasons, neither relevant, for kicking out the Mosaddegh government in Iran: 1. Friendship with the UK 2. Oil. The idea pushed forward that the Iranian government was communist was a lie and a lie we’ve seen used in so many places by the USA and most especially in Central and South America. Further, whether another country’s government is or is not communist of left leaning is of no matter of action by the USA.

Politicians of a variety are consumed by the argument on how the coup did or did not create the trajectory of the future Iran. I don’t know why as the coup of 1953 created an Iran that was no longer democratic and an Iran with many billions of dollars of oil revenue siphoned off but the new oil company – British/American Oil – B/A. To suggest that so large an action by the USA and the UK – MI6 as a minor player did not change the direction, completely, of Iran is to ignore the truth of the situation.

I’m sure that Washington, DC will never apologize for its actions against a benign Iran and will, along with Israel continue to goad Iran and to treat Iran badly in every way possible. This is not a guess as this is how the past has proven the future. For example, Under Reagan and GHW Bush as Vice-President the USA provided Iraq with the ability, the training, the materials to create and to deliver poison gas to kill many thousands of Iranians defending against the invasion by Iraq and over 100,000 Kurds at the same time.

I’d suggest then that these criminal actions by the USA/Iraq following the coup after many years in the early 1980’s were just a continuation of wanting to steal back the oil that the USA/UK had stolen and kept up until the coup in 1979.

Since we’re speaking quickly about the Hostage Taking of 1979 let’s be clear on a few points:
1. The hostage taking could have been cleared up in a couple of days should President Carter have agreed to the simple demands of he hostage takers:
1. to apologize for the coup of Iran in 1953 and the subsequent actions by the CIA up to 1979.
2. to promice to leave Iran alone in the future.
Simple enough but it would have hurt American pride if Carter had owned up to the criminal acts by the USA.

Public access to the materials have been pretty much banned for the past 60 years by lies made by those holding onto the documents said; in some cases to have been burned in the 1960’s while the CIA/USA remained active in Iran or in other cases the documents were destroyed because the safes were full. Either way American law was broken and I see no evidence of anyone being charged with these offences.

Though promises were made of an openness by the CIA after the collapse of the USSR in 1991 (and these not the only promises to be ignored by the USA), three follow-up directors of the CIA who had stated clearly they would do this (Robert M. Gates, R. James Woolsey, and John M. Deutch) for many CIA actions including Iran none of them did.

In 1999 the National Security Archive filed a lawsuit and Donald n. Wilber prepared the account in 2000 with the release of one sentence out of a 200 page report. Iran is somewhat an unusual case because it’s been 60 years since the admissions of the criminal activity by itself and the US government which previously was only about 30 years of withholding the simple truths of the boorish, illegal activities of the USA/CIA around our poor world.

I’ve not thoroughly covered the aspects of the CIA in Iran from 1953 until the Iranian Revolution of 1979 but I’ve covered these elsewhere. I’ve left out the CIA/USA creation of SAVAK in 1957 and the deaths and disappearances from then until 1979 and the criminal brutality of the CIA/USA in these long years of abusing both Iran and Iranians. Nor have I detailed the Invasion of Iran and the USA’s involvement in a complete manner.

Nor have I detailed the actions of the USA in viruses sent to disable or to destroy Iran’s computers that included the same actions by Israel and the added actions by Israel of at least 7 assassination of scientists in and of Iran. The criminality here is insane in our world today and no other country comes close to the criminality of the USA in our world in its actions against other sovereign nations.


Records show that the USA has created or attempted to create at least many coups since 1953. And judging by years of looking at other coups and their structures the actions in the Ukraine look very, very much like a coup by the USA/CIA/psy-ops in many ways. Are we to wait 30, 60, 100 years for the USA to own up to its deliberate actions that are threatening to throw us into a new Cold War or possibly the Third World War?

I’d suggest not. I’d suggest we tell the USA, in the hope for peace, to keep itself and its illegal agencies and activities away from world affairs. To keep American interests on the level and honest rather than the continuation of having people die as the lie about their actions. Please take a moment to think!

Here are a few of the USA coups/attempts:

“Noam Chomsky calls William Blum’s classic, Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions since World War II, “Far and away the best book on the topic.” If you’re looking for historical context for what you are reading or watching on TV about the coup in Ukraine, Killing Hope will provide it. The title has never been more apt as we watch the hopes of people from all regions of Ukraine being sacrificed on the same altar as those of people in Iran (1953); Guatemala(1954); Thailand (1957); Laos (1958-60); the Congo (1960); Turkey (1960, 1971 & 1980); Ecuador (1961 & 1963); South Vietnam (1963); Brazil (1964); the Dominican Republic (1963); Argentina (1963); Honduras (1963 & 2009); Iraq (1963 & 2003); Bolivia (1964, 1971 & 1980); Indonesia (1965); Ghana (1966); Greece (1967); Panama (1968 & 1989); Cambodia (1970); Chile (1973); Bangladesh (1975); Pakistan (1977); Grenada (1983); Mauritania (1984); Guinea (1984); Burkina Faso (1987); Paraguay (1989); Haiti (1991 & 2004); Russia (1993); Uganda (1996);and Libya (2011) Syria. This list does not include a roughly equal number of failed coups, nor coups in Africa and elsewhere in which a U.S. role is suspected but unproven.”

Yet, what has the USA really admitted here? They’re not admitting to all of the consequences of the coup and the continued killing by the CIA in Iran from 1953 to 1979. They’re not apologizing. They’re still attacking Iran in a surreptitious manner over and over as well as with continued propaganda that is not only out of the USA but pumped out by Israel with the tap near fully open.



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