Eternally Fraudulent Honour

It appears to me the CBC and other Western news networks and affiliates are being very picky about the bias they choose to follow regarding the controversies and the conflicting assertions and rants coming out of the Ukraine and much of the West regarding the downed Malaysian airliner.

This is a truly horrendous tragedy that seems to be becoming a tool of the West and a real bias by our media to afflict the blame upon Russia as we repeat accusations and not backed rhetoric regarding Russia by such notable ranters as MP Baird and the lies out of Washington (Obama, Kerry, McCain, Clinton {a notorious liar}) the West (Abbott, Cameron, Harper, etc) and down the line.

These people, in our poor world, are nothing less than hypocrites, buffoons and continuous liars and the lies, blatant as the nose on one’s face, are repeated ad noseam by our CBC and other ‘news’ broadcasters in Canada and of the West. This attitude reminds me of the stories of the propaganda all through WWII, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Central and South America, Iraq, Iran, Libya, and the Israeli rampage over the Palestinians in a never ending theft of land and isolation and war crimes in Gaza. ie: A right to defend is not the same as murdering 600 and rising innocents in the Gaza Prison for a one person kill by the ineffective missiles (however stupid by the Hamas militants)!

As for the Ukrainian crises, the news is radically in favour of the USA favoured illegal government in the Ukraine. I should not need to restate the chronological events to establish these simple truths now ignored by the sadly aberrant press of today’s Western media.

I think it’s perfectly clear that the truth is being pushed off-side and hidden as a penalty to all readers that only access one media a day as opposed to many that eventually make a much more clear story out of a broad mix of facts and opinion. Isn’t this what our news should be giving us rather than more reiterations of Associated Press garbage of NATO ‘gangsterism’.

Actual reporting/journalism bears witness to the facts as they come forward and they then are related to the past facts to create a line of sensible reporting rather than a hogwash of lies by those manufacturing the story they want said.

This style of reporting we get now is no less that a propaganda move by the corporate media of which Associated Press is a big wheel of the corporate agenda. It’s sad that our claimed “Number one news source in Canada” is mostly junk from the corporate press of the word dominator in news; the USA.

The big trouble with the repetition of propaganda is that propaganda is the main avenue to take us all into another war. Today we’re stepping upon the stones leading into war rather than jumping in the stream to retrieve the truths that our ‘rulers’ would rather have float away so that they can have their most dangerous avenue trodden heavily into an impasse that too often breaks into deadly violence of total war.

Sad that our press is resorting to verbal caricatures that create an enemy when no enemy exists until one is created in the minds of a population ready to fight for an eternally fraudulent honour!




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