Israel’s Menace

@ann02003  So, a few hundred missiles in total have been fired at Israel from the poverty stricken prison called Gaza.  Hmm.
let’s try a parable:  Ten people live in a house; 2 grandparents, 2 parents, 5 children, 1 aunt.  A visitor begins random shooting from the house and the people have nowhere to run.  So the police drive up and blow the whole house apart killing everyone except 1 lonely child who is badly burned and shell shocked.

Think of this in terms of right and wrong and Gaza.

Israel was defending itself from the Hamas rockets.  One injury since the beginning.  So let’s deal with the truth here.

The Israeli reply, no matter the rhetoric from Netanyahu and buddies, is a vast event of exceptional force, disproportionate force which has killed few Hamas operatives and many hundreds of Palestinian innocents.  That is not defence.  That, dear Ann, is murder.  A vast war crime but Israel is backed by the USA and cronies.

Also, more perspective; GAZA is a prison that was began in 1948 (thereabouts) with over 700,000 Palestinians fleeing the Israelis to end up in Gaza.  They are blockaded from every side; there homes are poor, its crowded without escape.  Sewage drains onto the beaches and hospitals are out-of-date and doctors cannot go abroad for better skills.  All of this in Gaza is because of the invasion of; first the Zionists and then the European Jews and now people of the Jewish faith from all over.

There is no hope in Gaza; with Israel, the invader, there is only Gaza and absolutely nowhere to go.  It’s about time the world woke up to the disaster for Palestine that Israel became all because of the vast prejudice of the most criminal Nazis and the rest of the world that refused to take Jews into their lands.

Remember, all of Europe was prejudiced against Jews as was the USA.  Even in the 1950s signs were allowed on shop doors refusing the entrance of Dogs and Jews.  Jews were very much kept into ghettos rather than welcomed.  So the racists chose to follow the Zionist wish and to give some of Palestine to the Jews as Israel.  Of course there were wars.  The Jews wanting more and more land; the Palestinians wanting their land which was community owned and shared but labelled unowned land by the Israelis and taken.

Now Israel blatantly forces Palestinians out of their homes in the West bank and bull dozes down their homes; radical Israelis screech at their neighbour Palestinians that this land is given by god to the Jews.  Stones are thrown by Israeli children as a matter of course by many settler children in various areas of the West bank. 

All of this is the ‘quiet war’ upon Palestinians as they’re corralled even as their resources and their land is stolen every day.

This, my friends is war.  A war against a mostly unarmed group by the Israeli Defence Forces.

I cry for these people ripped off by the West and Israel.

I demand that someone, not of the USA, try to work out a good deal for all.  It’s of no use to have the US at the helm of a deal when the US is highly prejudiced in favour of Israel.  Canada, at this point in time, is most certainly unqualified to take a position of deal making with today’s most ignorant of governments involved.  RC


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