Civilians Negative 700 Plus – Israel Military 34

Signed in, to CBC, but no comments section seems available!

So, I’d like to send my condolences to all the families of MH17 and hope that the ‘honest’ truth evolves shortly to allow complete closure for everyone so saddened by these illogical deaths.




Also, UN safe house blown up and set ablaze by Israel!

GAZA - Just Imagine

I’d also like to voice my condolences to the 734, and growing, innocent casualties in Gaza as the Israelis rain murderous terror upon the ordinary folk of Gaza.

It seems racist to me that the stories of these innocents in this huge offensive are not being voiced by our media. A sad day when some innocents murdered are boosted to

notables in our media and others are just ignored as fodder of war.

I do wonder why there is such prejudice in our news.




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