Copy From NDP Facebook

Thomas you need to take a stand against Apartheid. The using human shields and using the word terrorist has grown tiresome, We all know that the only difference is one has generals, planes and a fully financed army and the others dont, We have seen the death toll, We have seen children targeted on beaches. We arent for terrorism by Zionists or Hamas. Innocent people are being murdered. Sometimes we have to do the hard thing, Sometimes its the rite thing, This is your chance Thomas Mulcair to lead Canada towards peace and condemning the financing of geneocide. The prison needs to end in Gaza and Israel, its the only way there will be peace in the middle east. Justin has made his support of Israel very clear, If you want my vote i need you to do the rite thing for humanity, it goes much much further than party politics. Lets talk about it!

I totally agree with this comment on the NDP Facebook page.


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