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Scott Taylor
Published: Wednesday, 07/23/2014 12:00 am EDT

The downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine on July 17 certainly generated shock and awe around the world. Despite the fact that Ukrainian military forces have been battling pro-Russian separatists in this same region for weeks, the crisis in Ukraine had been pushed out of international headlines by the Israeli offensive against Hamas militants in the Gaza strip.

Yes, It was on my mind too; the shooting down of an Iranian passenger jet by a USA Naval ship, inside Iran’s territorial waters, while illegally firing at Iranian ships. So, what did this cost the USA – $61 million dollars?!

But this is not too unusual for the USA and now for a Canadian government in bed with the USA. The assault Libya , which Canada participated in, was a war crime immediately that the USA and the NATO gangsters violated the UN Resolution 1973 – No Fly Zone. And they had no intention to follow this Resolution as they started off in violating right away.

So, it follows then that the Harper government, along with any MP’s not speaking out, was in complete violation of the UN Resolution they had agreed to nonchalantly and remains a war crime in which Canada participated in in an illegal and devastating manner.

Since the world, ignoring Iran, backed the USA in this ‘accident’ while the USA was already in an illegal act of war against Iran. How long do our Canadian governments, and I include all the MP’s that did not speak out. get away with the crimes so often committed by the USA.

I can tell you right now, if a friend of mine turned out to be a murderer, I would not keep him as a friend. Unlike our government I do not honour murder and, therefore I speak out against countries that do murder round our poor world.

Israel-Gaza Conflict: Secret Report Helps Israelis to Hide Facts

Israel-Gaza Conflict: Secret Report Helps Israelis to Hide Facts
The slickness of Israel’s spokesmen is rooted in directions set down by pollster Frank Luntz


Exerts From A Local Newspaper Repeater of Ass. Press World Falsehoods


4:29 PM on 7/19/2014

Uneducated people can be made to believe anything it seems. I initially expected a rally against Hamas when I saw this headline. I do not understand how anyone informed about this conflict can support them.
(So, people that actually know the situation are now labelled ‘uneducated’ by some nameless flunky)



4:47 PM on 7/19/2014

If my children were killed or hurt by the Israelis I might very well do the same thing Hamas is doing. Israel is creating Hamas recruits with each attack. With the conditions Palistineans are living in they don’t have much to lose. Israel might try another tactic, negotiate.

 (Ah, someone educated.  Good.)



12:10 PM on 7/21/2014

It makes sense to me. Here is the link:




8:41 PM on 7/19/2014

There never seems to be a shortage of weapons that the poor oppressed people in Gaza and elsewhere have. I fully support Israel in defending itself. I do not support these so called demonstrators calling for an end to the killings. You want to stop the killings, then stop the attacks on Israel. Or is it to simple a thought to comprehend.

(Another non-educated person without comprehension skills.)

Family Guy

9:29 PM on 7/19/2014

How about, next to the sign “Israel stop bombing Gaza” someone hold a sign “Gaza stop bombing Israel”?

(So over 1000, mostly innocents, blown to bits by Israel.  1 killed in Israel be Gaza rockets.)

Stu Danatch

11:04 PM on 7/19/2014

The madness in that region has been going on since religion reared its ugly head in the affairs of man and sadly it will continue to do so till the planet and humanity goes ……BOOM……..

(Oh, please some education is needed before making illiterate comments)

Okay, Stew let’s take a look at the truth.  Let’s separate the meat from the vegetables.


Libya Was This

Libya had risen from one of the poorest country in Africa to one of the richest and Libyans, before NATO/USA’s Air War upon Libya had plenty of perks:
* the greatest irrigation system in our world. the Great Man-Made River project that was said could never be built.
* there was free health care that the USA could only dream of.
* there was free electricity
* there were no interest upon loans
* a home was a human right in Libya
* there was free education — before Qaddafi 25% literacy – up to 83% now.
* newly weds given $50 thousand toward their own home.
* to take up a farming career, they would receive farming land, a farming house, equipments, seeds and livestock to kick-start their farms are all for free.
* if needed outside Libya in education or medical an allowance of 2,300 (USD value) was given.
* want a new car – your 1st car was subsidized by 50%
* cost of gas for your vehicle was 14 cents per litre – for USA values 56 cents a gallon.
* Libya had no foreign debt (the banksters hated this) and $150 billion in reserve.  Frozen – stolen by Obama.
* A Libyan finished his/her education was paid half of his/her average expected salary until employment was found.
* a portion of Libyan oil sales was put in the bank accounts of every Libyan.
* a mother having a baby was given $5,000 (USD).
* 25% of Libyans earned a university degree.
* Women  were full and equal participants in Libyan society.  (This will end drastically as the foreign backed so-called rebels are religious fanatics.  A woman’s status in Libya will become, minimally, second class and, quite likely, women will become property.

Then the West, led by the vast ignorance of the USA, created Resolution 1973 – No Fly Zone  and promptly ignored it (war crime) as the bombed civilians in their homes (war crime), bombed the Great Man-Made River that supplied 70% of Libya with water (war crime) and many more. Hilary Clinton ‘giggles’ at the murder of Ghadaffi (hate crime) etc.
There was no rebel action in Libya as one of the biggest demonstrations ever in our poor world happened in Libya in favour of the leadership of Ghadaffi  The USA had a snit-fit over this..  The fighters were mercenaries and a good amount of these came from the impoverished Arab region of Mali.

This was all created by the USA and stupid friends including Harper – Canada’s warmonger.  Stu, these are not religious battles though religion was manipulated by the USA as a tool of hate.


Bush began the take down of Syria and Obama finished the covert cruelty of the USA.  Harper, Canada’s warmonger, backed this.
Life was pretty good in Syria though there were recurring challenges to the Assad regime.  Though slow reforms were being made.  As with Libya there was no real move toward a civil war.  Civil war was began because of the USA’s abuse of the CIA and Psy-ops operations that had worked in Iran in 1953 and Chile in 1973 to note the most effective war crimes by the USA.  However, the psy-ops in Syria were much more developed.

Syria, before the USA insanity, was a calm place to live with churches, mosques and synagogues all mixed into a vibrant society.  There was a lack of crime that could only embarrass the USA and Winnipeg, MB, CA.

This was all created by the USA and stupid friends including Harper – Canada’s warmonger.  Stu, these are not religious battles though religion was manipulated by the USA as a tool of hate.

The Iranian Revolution of 1979 (unknown by Ben Affleck it seems) began in 1953 when the USA/UK created a coup (CIA/MI6) of a democratic Iran and popped in the Shah as puppet dictator and the CIA created SAVAK (secret police) in 1957 and proceeded to disappear ‘dissidents’ off the streets and to throw student ‘dissidents’ off the roofs of their schools.  This essentially was the USA in Iran.
The USA embassy was then not inviolate as the CIA murderers were working out of it.

This was all created by the USA and stupid friends of the UK . Stu, these are not religious battles though religion was manipulated by the USA as a tool of hate.

The CIA in Iraq pre-dates 1958 when they recruited Saddam Hussein out of school.  1959 the CIA had Saddam sent out to assassinate the leader of Iraq – General Qasim.  Saddam failed and there is much to this story I can relate if you wish.
Saddam in the 1970’s was introduced to the Ba’ath Party by the CIA and, as we all know Saddam marched through the ranks to become dictator just as the USA had hoped.
Early in the 1980’s, amazing close to the exit of the USA from Iran, Saddam’s Iraq attacked Iran.  Reagan began aiding Iraq with hundreds of ‘advisers’, equipment etc.  Reagan and his vice-President GHW Bush also gifted Iraq with everything needed to create and to deliver chemical weapons.  Though we all hear about the chemicals used to kill at least 100,000 Kurds we rarely hear that the USA gifts were used to murder thousands of Iranian troops defending from the invasion of Iraq aided and abetted by the Reagan/GHW Bush regime in Washington, DC!

These were and remain war crimes of Iraq and the USA.
Then we have the invasion of Iraq by GHW Bush based upon a lot of lies including the chemical weapons (now deteriorated) gifted to Iraq by Reagan and Bush in the 1980′.  Also, the was the treachery of lies invited of a Kuwaiti girl not even having been in Kuwait at the time funnelled across the USA to get the suckers of the American public to hail forth to war.  WAR CRIME!
The massacre of retreating Iraqis by Schwartzkopf  – bocking a convoy at both ends and allowing NO surrenders was another war crime of many in this invasion of Iraq.

This was all created by the USA and stupid friends including Harper – Canada’s warmonger.  Stu, these are not religious battles though religion was manipulated by the USA as a tool of hate.
(And Yes Harper stated most clearly that he would have had Canadian troops in Iraq!)

This war was full of war crimes by the USA!
Then up comes GW Bush and his joy of stupidity who, among other crimes, invaded Iraq for the same damned reasons as had his father.  The gas, gifted by the USA – Reagan and GHW Bush in the 1980’s; the excuse for GHW Bush; and again by GW Bush was another lie that led to war.  This Bush perforated the world with abysmal lies and the suckers (one born every minute) believed again a world created out of lies. (WAR CRIME)
Iraq was then infected with U-238 – Depleted Uranium by the USA – WAR CRIME – causing cancer rates to increase by up to 38% not to mention deformities of babies.

This IS only part of the truth and of the war crimes committed by the USA.  And this is another war which our Harper would have us be a part of.

This was all created by the USA and stupid friends including Harper – Canada’s warmonger.  Stu, these are not religious battles though religion was manipulated by the USA as a tool of hate.

There are many, many, many war crimes that the USA fails to get charged with.  Many dictators have shown better human rights than the USA endows upon the countries it attacks either covertly or overtly.

The Middle East is a terrible mess because of two nations basically: the USA and Israel.  Both these countries are war criminals and support war criminals.  This is not religion as Stu would love to believe.  It is mean spirited ignorance exaggerated by the USA and friends.


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