Libya Was This

Libya Was This

Libya had risen from one of the poorest country in Africa to one of the richest and Libyans, before NATO/USA’s Air War upon Libya had plenty of perks:
* the greatest irrigation system in our world. the Great Man-Made River project that was said could never be built.
* there was free health care that the USA could only dream of.
* there was free electricity
* there were no interest upon loans
* a home was a human right in Libya
* there was free education — before Qaddafi 25% literacy – up to 83% now.
* newly weds given $50 thousand toward their own home.
* to take up a farming career, they would receive farming land, a farming house, equipments, seeds and livestock to kick-start their farms are all for free.
* if needed outside Libya in education or medical an allowance of 2,300 (USD value) was given.
* want a new car – your 1st car was subsidized by 50%
* cost of gas for your vehicle was 14 cents per litre – for USA values 56 cents a gallon.
* Libya had no foreign debt (the banksters hated this) and $150 billion in reserve.  Frozen – stolen by Obama.
* A Libyan finished his/her education was paid half of his/her average expected salary until employment was found.
* a portion of Libyan oil sales was put in the bank accounts of every Libyan.
* a mother having a baby was given $5,000 (USD).
* 25% of Libyans earned a university degree.
* Women  were full and equal participants in Libyan society.  (This will end drastically as the foreign backed so-called rebels are religious fanatics.  A woman’s status in Libya will become, minimally, second class and, quite likely, women will become property.


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