Liars Create Death of Ordinary People

Big Liar


This the result of liars!

Rescue workers search for victims as Palestinians gather around the wreckage of a house in Rafah

This ‘war’ did not begin with the rockets fired by Hamas. This war began with the ruthless arresting of over 800 Palestinians and all for the murder of three Israeli teens that Israel knew, yet kept hidden, how they died and by whom.

Of course the deaths of young people are exceptionally horrid but to use those deaths to create more war and many hundreds of deaths and so much destruction is the act of a very miserable man or man and stands as a reprehensible crime, a war crime and a crime above all others.

Yes, 800 or so Palestinians were picked up and carted away by the IDF and many may spend a long time in prison for crimes not of their doing — crimes that already had an answer but was kept a secret. Kept a secret by the government of Israel – a vindictive and murderous government as we can see everyday in its gross actions against Palestinians and actions supported by our government in Ottawa.

It’s not as if Harper, Baird and other Reform Conservatives haven’t been given all the evidence. They surely have! It’s because they have chosen a course in office of ignoring truths in many areas and continuing forward with their own agenda. Other parties have been reluctant to stand up strong because our news is so sadly reluctant to stray from the perceived tale that Canadians may want rather than the tale that tries, at the very least, to dig into the truth.

Yes it’s all smoke and mirrors these days with the press opting for a great bottom line and fore-going the search or presentation of truth.

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly made accusations without providing evidence that helped lead to the Gaza war.”

“The frustration had numerous causes. Once the boys’ disappearance was known, troops began a massive, 18-day search-and-rescue operation, entering thousands of homes, arresting and interrogating hundreds of individuals, racing against the clock. Only on July 1, after the boys’ bodies were found, did the truth come out: The government had known almost from the beginning that the boys were dead. It maintained the fiction that it hoped to find them alive as a pretext to dismantle Hamas’ West Bank operations.
Read more:″
By J.J. Goldberg
The Jewish Daily Forward

These are very real stories that our Western Corporate Press/Media tends to ignore in these modern times where money is of the essence and Truth a hazard to avoid.


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