If Hamas Is Terrorist – Then So Is the USA

What’s Your Definition of Terrorism?
The same as the US Department of Defense?

“The Department of Defense Dictionary of Military Terms defines terrorism as:

“The calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological.”

In 1991 the US military deliberately targeted Baghdad’s electrical grid, knocking out power to 1410 water treatment plants serving 22 million (mostly civilian) Iraqis. This was done in violation of Article 54 of the Geneva Conventions which call the willful destruction of items essential to the survival of a civilian population a war crime.

Material Breach: US Crimes in Iraq

Half-a-million Iraqi children died as a consequence of those bombs and UN sanctions that prevented Iraq from obtaining equipment and chemicals necessary for water treatment, and it was entirely predicted in a 1991 USDIA document which forecast “increased incidences, if not epidemics, of disease.”

That’s terrorism Hamas can never match.



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