HARPER – Cannot Support His Positions

At the outset of the 2006 Israel-Lebanon crsis, Harper defended Israel’s “right to defend itself” and described its military campaign in Lebanon as a “measured” response, arguing that Hezbollah’s release of kidnapped IDF soldiers would be the key to ending the conflict.]Speaking of the situation in both Lebanon and Gazaon July 18, Harper said he wanted “not just a ceasefire, but a resolution” but such a thing would not happen until Hezbolhla and Hamas recognize Israel’s right to exist. Harper blamed Hezbollah for all the civilian deaths. He asserted that Hezbollah’s objective is to destroy Israel through violence.

The media noted that Harper didn’t allow reporters opportunities to ask him questions on his position. Some Canadians, including many Arab and Lebanese Canadians, criticized Harper’s description of Israel’s response”

This is the true Harper.  Coming out with a pile of crap and refusing questions.


3 thoughts on “HARPER – Cannot Support His Positions

  1. I see you’re still supporting terrorism and the destruction of the only democracy in the Middle East. You, dir, are an idiot.

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