Who Is the Terrorist?

Who Is the Terrorist?

Obviously the end of the Gaza hot war will only end when the rockets stop their impotent attacks upon Israel. But the miserable life in the crowded, blockaded Gaza strip will continue with the very aggressive Israel. The Gulag that is Gaza – the Concentration camp that is Gaza will continue and the population of Gaza will remain under occupation of the land thieving Israel. Life will remain very difficult for the Palestinians that are stuck in Gaza as they remain surrounded by the military might of Israel – the fourth largest military upon our planet fully backed in all its crimes by the USA, Canada and the UK at the top of the list.

Over 2000 Palestinians have been killed in this war – massacre and less than 60 Israeli soldiers and a couple of civilians. The rockets from Gaza have been almost of no effect upon Israel. Over 400 of the Palestinians killed by the IDF have been children.

One human rights organization that has spoken out against Israel is Human Rights Watch has said, “Israeli forces in the southern Gaza town of Khuza’a fired on and killed civilians in apparent violation of the laws of war in several incidents.” and they followed this up by stating most clearly that deliberate attacks upon civilians who are not participants are war crimes.

According to International Law (usually ignored completely by the USA) Israel has no right to to invoke war upon a territory it has complete control over. Since this is true of the prison which is Gaza the Israeli murderous attacks are completely illegal.

Of course the US media that flows over top of the media in Canada does not speak of this and our Prime Minister Harper (who has shown remarkable hate toward Palestine in the UN with his bud Baird) does not agree and allows the killing by Israel to be honourable despite the context of ‘the rule of law’ he so frequently spouts.

The West Bank and Gaza Strip have been designated as occupied territory by the United Nations since 1967. Gaza remains occupied under international law, because Israel maintains control over its borders, water sources, electricity, population registry.

Also, when Israel withdrew its 8,000 settlers from the Gaza Strip in August 2005 and placed them in the West Bank it continued violating Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention in Gaza, which prohibits the movement of its own population into occupied territories.

And, the Geneva Conventions allows only the targeting of military personnel and military establishments, or in some exceptional cases, civilian establishments used for military purposes.
(“intransgressible principles of international customary law.” Article 52 of Additional Protocol I).

Also, Israel has bombed several mosques and churches, which are also protected by the Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in Times of War.

Israel has destroyed the homes of at least 4,000 families (25,000 residents), and targeted a total of 747 residential buildings in violations of the, oft mentioned but never followed, Rule of Law.

Common Article 3 of the Conventions severely qualifies that provision, and states clearly that persons taking no active part in the hostilities shall in all circumstances be treated humanely, even members of the armed forces who have laid down their weapons or are wounded. They are not legitimate targets. Israel has and is ignoring these conventions with massive horror upon people that it seems clearly, by USA based news and our government ib Ottawa, to be not important enough to be considered human.

Only persons that are “directly participating in the hostilities” may be targeted. If the IDF is unsure if potential targets are Hamas members or not, the rules mandate that these individuals must be treated as civilians.

Isn’t it insane (I’ll step aside for a moment) that a boy, in the illegal Afghanistan war by the USA and including Canada, throws a grenade when being attacked should be interned for years in the illegal Guantanamo Bay Prison and tortured should be condemned by a US Military tribunal and, when finally returned to Canada should be still imprisoned while we watch the horror of Israel as it murders civilians and children with the aid of the USA and the backing of our Canadian government.

Israeli officials reiterate that the IDF exercises the utmost care in avoiding civilian casualties. Let’s be clear; they are lying. The lying is obvious.

The IDF has targeted civilian neighbourhoods, homes, schools, churches, entire apartment complexes, ambulances, UN buildings, places of refuge, electricity generators, water pipes and plants, and medical facilities. And it has targeted such facilities as hospitals over and over as well as the Gaza Centre for the Disabled.

The IDF attacked a UN school even after receiving 17 warnings from the UNRWA requesting they not attack this UN facility. The attack killed 15 and injured many. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon who was horrified at the attack on sleeping children. Israel shows no care about human lives not even children.

Though Israel claims to target proportionally as per the rules of war. However, Israel is lying because under the principle of proportionality, as enumerated in Article 5 of the Additional Protocol I, any attack by bombardment or any other means that is intended to destroy a single or distinct military targets in a highly populated civilian area and is expected to cause incidental loss of life is unlawful.

It has been shown that, in opposition to the lies by Netanyahu and the ignorance of the popular western media, that almost all facilities targeted by Israel have not been proven to contain weapons or serve as command centres for Hamas. The schools confirmed by UNRWA to serve as weapons storage compound, (a clear violation of international law itself), were empty. At the same time, UN schools housing refugees have been shelled by IDF, killing UN workers and civilians, without any military goal in mind.

The IDF claims it has prided itself on its warning strikes, calls, and leaflets to Palestinians before the bombing or shelling. Thus, supporters of the offensive claim Israel holds no responsibility for any civilian deaths. This claim also is a barefaced lie by Israel and another vile ignoring of International Law. It is imperative, therefore, that Canada actually stands up for the Rule of Law rather than obfuscating the truth that shows the determined efforts of Israel and friends is to go well beyond anything near the Rule of law or any true concept of law.

It is time that our government in Canada began to take human rights seriously as well as the rule of law and to oppose the war crimes by Israel along with a few by Hamas and to save these poor people of Gaza from the illegal prison assigned them beginning in and about 1917 and since 1947-8 in the attack upon the Palestinian peoples. And I do include the theft of homes, lands and resources in the West Bank.


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