Anti-Semitism and Me

Hi, People!
Of All Sorts.

I see a great cry out about anti-Semitism and likely some of the accusers are themselves haters of the 1st degree. I, for one am tired of this accusation spread all over by, I’m assuming, by those in Israel that are single mindedly haters of anything but agreement.

  Here are a few Haters:



Here is some of the hate from a Zionist near me:

Select comment observer 6
Submitted on 2014/08/25 at 4:24 pm
Russel Johnsen is the only anti-Semite here.

The Bull Shit Brigade
Submitted on 2014/08/19 at 3:39 pm
As you haven’t answered in three days, I can only assume you’ve killed yourself. The world is now an officially better place.

A Reply to a Persistent Complainer – OB6
Submitted on 2014/08/16 at 5:55 pm
What can you do to help me? One thing. Kill yourself

A Reply to a Persistent Complainer – OB6
Submitted on 2014/08/15 at 3:34 pm
Betty & Henry must be so proud of the bigot and abject failure they raised.

A Reply to a Persistent Complainer – OB6
Submitted on 2014/08/14 at 3:40 pm
Posting anti-Semitic rants from self hatting Jews and others does make anything factual. Just admit that you’re a bigot

A Reply to a Persistent Complainer – OB6
Submitted on 2014/08/11 at 11:08 pm
I see you’re still supporting terrorism and the destruction of the only democracy in the Middle East. You, dir, are an idiot.

HARPER – Cannot Support His Positions
Submitted on 2014/05/07 at 6:06 pm
Don’t you ever get tired of repeating the same shit over and over again?

The Propaganda of Iran – As It Applies to Today’s World
Submitted on 2014/04/24 at 7:22 pm
I see you’re still posting your hatred for anything US or Israeli. Isn’t it time that you grow up? Do you really think anti-Semitism is the answer to the world’s problems?

Suffering Loss of Home
Select comment O6
Russel, or Nebulous or Ronell or whatever your name is this week
Ms Francis is a Canadian citizen and is therefore free to express her opinion, whether you or I agree or disagree. Telling her to go back where she came from is no different than a First Nations person telling you to go back wherever it is you come from. But, then again, tolerance has never been your thing.

OB says he’s a Zionist and claims he’s not Jweish.  I’ll trust him that far but no further.

First let’s be clear; Anti-Semitism is misconstrued as a hate for Jews.  The word is abused and has been abused for many decades.  Semitic Jews are Arabs.  To be a Jew is to be religious according to the Jewish religion.  Folks this is not a race issue though it is so often seen as one from both sides in the Middle East.  Semitic Jews are of the Arab race.

I am tired, very tired of being hatefully attacked as anti-Jew by know nothing ignoramuses such as Observer6 who hides behind his chicken-shit secret identity.  I’m tired of people mouthing off that they’re being picked upon at the drop of a hat simply because its still ‘IN” to raise the cowardly flag of being picked upon.

Maybe more Jews should get out of the private schools and into regular schools and then become known as persons rather than a mystery.  

I noticed, some time back at out local theatre/music venue a lot of high school kids of a few races having sodas and eats.  It was great to see them mixed of colour and some with turbans and others with Moslem head scares getting along so well together smiling and joking without distinction in a horrid way but with distinction and blending.   This was good to see.  I do hope this becomes a trend here and we don’t drift off into private schools and become isolating of our differences.

Yet, idiots such as Observer6 feel free to harrass behind a fake name because he’s a know-nothing fool.

Yet, I can’t jump up and accuse him of being anti-Somethingorother and have a collective ‘OH’ rise up as one voice and dress him down as anti-?????.  No, what’s good for the gander is not good for the goose in this vile parade of ignorance.

I’m sure I’ll get another bs reply from my good buddy OB6 – the chicken-shit Zionist of my home town.



2 thoughts on “Anti-Semitism and Me

  1. I have had a few of those people who spew their hate at me as well.
    Welcome to the club. I find that it is Jewish people who hate the most as well.
    If a Jewish person criticizes Israel, boy do they go after that person with a vengeance.
    Even having them fired from their jobs or threatening them.
    But the guy in the link below takes it to a who other level.
    Well now we know who it is that creates the hate.
    you will be interested in this. This guy I bet was paid to do this.
    Students in Israel get paid to do stuff like this and have for years.
    All and all this is not an unusual thing.
    I added you to my blog roll.
    You have a lot of good things to say. So I thought sharing you was a good idea.
    That is if it is ok with you.
    Let me know if you wish to be removed if you have a problem with it.
    Have a Good Evening.

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