Nuclear Proliferation – 2

Year after year we hear the USA screeching and screaming about Nuclear Proliferation – basically a screech storm about Iran with a bit left over for North Korea. But, the US refuses to say anything about the proliferation by Israel – some 800 plus by now but it’s secret so we do not know for sure and the USA isn’t interested. It the USA isn’t interested then the corporate press isn’t interested and everyone ‘should’a just keep their mouths shut’ – yah know what I mean.

So the world keeps its mouth shut and Israel/Netanyahu and the USA/elites are happy – you’d think. No, they have to keep harassing Iran and North Korea. Netanyahu has to make a pretty picture of a cartoon bomb and hall it off to the UN complaining about Iran that DID NOT ever say to ‘wipe Israel off the map’. They said, in a Farsi venacular, ‘to wipe Zionism of the map’ which translated properly means ‘to stop the Zionists’.

And Iran is right!

Now we do know, by the evidence that Iran is not proliferating in nuclear bombs. We also know that Israel is likely proliferating and we do know that the USA is proliferating and neither will be checked.

The US Congress, just this past January decided to fund a new B61 thermalnuclear gravity bomb called (Ignorantly) “Life Extention” – as if it will keep us alive should the US or Israel decide to begin the End of Our World count down. I think we all know the real cost will sky rocket as usual.

Then there’s the 700 pound H-Bomb costing $28 million a piece. Almost twice the value as gold of the same weight.

There are two real problems here in this type of proliferation. It is not a proliferation in numbers of nuclear bombs. It is a proliferation nevertheless in power. Now to take out a site requiring two bombs of the old type you only need one. That, in clear effect, increases the arsenal by two.

The allies are finally getting warm on these issues and hopefully hot over the issues and tell the US to get its bombs that invite other bombs like nectar attracts bees. You’ve got nuclear bombs – you are a target. This is zero protection for Europe or anywhere else.

These new bombs are supposed to be ‘more accurate’ – this sounds like GHW Bush and his bs about ‘surgical bombing’ in his invasion of Iraq. Of course it’s more palatable for a population in denial. Hey, it’s brown sugar – healthy – not like white sugar.


Also, PLEASE everyone. The USA DID NOT create the first nuclear bomb. It was scientists from around the western world that made up the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos It was a collection of brilliance that had this happen in the safety of the USA not under attack. So if you’re a Yankee all proud and a blow-hard get your facts straight.


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