So who is anti-Semitic–the Jewish people who condemn Israel’s war crimes against the Palestinians or the Israelis who want to kill the Jewish people who condemn Israel’s war crimes? It seems the later, which means that the real anti-Semites are the same people accusing everyone else of being anti-Semitic. That old anti-Semite George Orwell would be impressed with this level of Doublespeak.


..The 80% israelis that are living in current israel are not semites. They are Anshkenazi caucasians from europe whose ancestors converted to Judaism. The real Semitic people would be the Arab Jews, Christians and Muslims. Since Arabic and Hebrew are the semitic languages. So the atrocities of israel on Arab semites actually make israel Anti-Semitic. #BDS #StopFundingisrael


Sammy Sonny, I agree 100 percent. Israel’s slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza has been the largest-scale anti-Semitic activity at least since the Holocaust, and since the vast majority of Jewish people murdered in the Holocaust were likely Anshkenazi and not Semites, maybe ever. But I used the word “anti-Semitic” because that is the charge leveled by Israelis at anyone who questions Israel’s campaign of genocide against the Palestinian people.


Wow I never thought there was such a thing as anti-semitic jews. Apparently I stand corrected!



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