ARGO- The Big Lie Movie

Interesting that cuts from Argo have been taken out because the review doesn’t sit well with the movie creators, Hollywood or the USA. It seems that their lies should stand no matter what!

First off, the Iranian Revolution of 1979, of which a small part was the hostage taking of the Americans in their embassy in Tehran. It was big in the media but the media would rather harp on this rather than the truth of the crises in Iran created by the USA. This propaganda shows none of this.

And the Iranian Revolution of 1979 was actually started in 1953 when the USA/CIA created a coup for the Brits and the USA of a democratically elected and much welcomed government of Mosandeq.

The CIA created unrest as its done about 50 times or more since and took out the voters choice of governance and replaced it with the exiled Puppet Shah to make him, and the USA puppeteer, the dictators over Iran.

The coup also stole Iran’s oil and the USA and the UK split the oil 50/50 in a new oil company called British/American Oil -B/A.

In 1957 the CIA created the secret police called SAVAK which they used to kill dissidents in Iran. Student activists were often thrown off of their schools roofs by CIA assets/thugs. Many people were disappeared of the street never to be seen again or wrestled from their homes in the dead of night.

This became the reason for the Iranian Revolution of 1979. This is why the USA Embassy, considered inviolate in diplomatic operations but not considered so because the USA had blatantly abused Iran from the bowels of its embassy.

This is the story that the great Ben Affleck ignored. Anyone who had researched the hostage taking would know, for certain, the background that led to the hostage crises,

Therefore, Ben Affleck is lying just as his poor excuse for a movie was lying and creating a revisionist history for the lazy minds of the American/Canadian populations preferring fiction over fact and believing lies over truth.

The movie is so full of one-sided garbage it ought to be burned. Every copy and Ben, along with the others so proud of this crap, ought to stand up and apologize to Iran, all Iranians and the public that has been watching this shit.



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