Insight Into Palestine

Ancient ruins in some parts of Palestine are being taken over by Israelis and often Palestinians are being denied entry.


Some USA Wars

China 1945 – 1946
Syria 1949
Korea 1950 – 1953
China 1950 – 1953
Iran 1953
Guatemala 1954
Iraq – 1950’s 1958, 59, 70’s etc
Tibet 1955 – 1970
Indonesia 1958
Cuba 1959
Democratic republic of Congo 1960 – 1965
Dominican republic 1961
Vietnam 1961 – 1973
Brazil 1964
Belgian Congo 1964
Guatemala 1964
Laos 1964 – 1973
Dominican Republic 1965 – 1966
Peru 1965
Greece 1967
Guatemala 1967 – 1969
Cambodia 1969 – 1970
Chile 1970 – 1973
Argentina 1976
Turkey 1980
Poland 1980 – 1981
El Salvador 1981 – 1992
Nicaragua 1981 – 1990
Cambodia 1980 – 1995
Angola 1980
Lebanon 1980 – 1984
Grenada 1983 – 1984
Philipinnes 1986
Lybia 1986
Panama 1989 – 1990
Iraq 1991
Kuwait 1991
Somalia 1992 – 1994
Iraq 1992 – 1996
Bosnia 1995
Iran 1998
Sudan 1998
Afghanistan 1998
Yugoslavia – Serbia 1999
Afghanistan 2001
Iraq 2002 – 2003
Somalia 2006 – 2007
Lybia 2011
Syria 2010 – On going
Ukraine 2014 – On going

Harper Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Yes, I know it’s absurd to promote the mass murder, some call genocide, by Israel upon the Citizens of Gaza and then to have representatives of those war crimes twist our heads 100 degrees anti-clockwise and to nominate our Prime Minister for the Peace Prize.

Broken Peace Sign

Of course, there’s little left of the value of this prize as it was given to the war criminal down south. This has given the award a tarnish that would take decades of polishing to remove. With the Harper nomination the tarnish has etched deep within any grace the prize had left.

However bizarre Harper has stated that Hamas was to blame for the children of Gaza blown up by Israeli bombs and missiles from fighter/bombers and by mortar fire from tanks and artillery. None of which the isolated people of Gaza has or had.

GazaGAZA 2

Harper said Hamas started the war because the terrorist organization wants to destroy the state of Israel. I suppose Hamas, the people of Gaza and the people of the West Bank don’t want Israel as a state upon their land. Why should they? I also believe strongly that Hamas, duly elected is not the terrorist here but Israel is the terrorist and the Zionists have been terrorists in Palestine since 1917.

But these are facts beyond the apparent shallow depth of the Harper mind.


“Harper added that if a terrorist organization were attacking Canadians, there would be a similar response from Canada.”
I guess the closest we could come to that here in Canada is if the rest of Canada were to steal portions of Quebec and if the fought back we’d label them a terrorist faction and we’d feel free to blow up their children.
In fact, this essentially what Harper has promoted as right for the Israelis in Palestine.

This is the terror and the murder and the war crimes Harper is promoting without a blink for other MP’s except for Elizabeth May and her Green Party. Hurrah for her!
“Israeli strikes hit a crowded shopping area in Gaza City Wednesday, hours after tank shells tore through the walls of a U.N. school crowded with war refugees in the deadliest of a series of air and artillery attacks that pushed the Palestinian death toll above 1,300 in more than three weeks of fighting.”Child Killed

Another woman of strength and a true sense of justice has broken with the whimpish void of Mulcair to make a strong statement against he actions of Israel.

“The NDP deputy leader, Libby Davies, is urging Canadians to “speak out” against the growing bloodshed in Gaza.”

On that note I’d like to make comment upon ‘caucus discipline’ which curtails party members from speaking out on their own and accepting the view of the party as a whole and for only the leader and the ‘official party critic’ speaking out to their constituents and to the people of Canada. We’re supposed to honour free speech Child Burnedhere but this attitude ruins that premise altogether.

I want to hear my MP’s speaking out against the Harper acceptance of the nomination as a Peace Prize potential candidate. Harper is a miserable warmonger who took us in with the USA to kill a vibrant Libya; he backed up the USA destruction of Syria (yes I’ll state it now rather than wait 30 for the admission out of the USA) and, of all things dirty and mindless, Harper stated he would have taken Canada into Iraq.

Interview with Terry O’Neill of BC Report newsmagazine, 1999
“This government’s only explanation for not standing behind our allies is that they Rescue workers search for victims as Palestinians gather around the wreckage of a house in Rafahcouldn’t get the approval of the Security Council at the United Nations – a body [on] which Canada doesn’t even have a seat.”

This is a man of PEACE! Not on your life!

“Don’t forget that the muddy and bloodied waters of the Ukraine is where Harper has taken Canada by his government’s support of the coup and regime change in that country. The Ukrainian fiasco will be one of the main reasons, out of hundreds, that’s going to decimate the Conservative party come the next election. Harper and gang has worked overtime to hand the country to the Liberals.”

Harper, also supports the torture on going in Guantanamo Bay Detention Centre by never bleeping a word against the hell these innocent men are going through as Whytheir lives waste away. I hope you know that they’ve been proved innocent many months ago.

Harper by not opening his mouth also supported the the torture of Chelsea Manning and of the US sending Arar to Syria to be tortured.

A man of PEACE. Not in this lifetime.

And again Harper speaks to the ending of human rights; “Human rights commissions, as they are evolving, are an attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society… It is in fact totalitarianism. I find this is very scary stuff.” Stephen Harper. ”
Here is an online petition to deny the nomination of Stephen Harper for the Peace Prize.

Stephen Harper also supports the illegal, criminal stealing of Palestinian land, Aparteid actions in the West Bank/Gaza, illegal building of Israeli settlements, taking Palestinian water -73% for Israel – 10% for illegal settlements (and rising) – leaving only 17% for Palestinians that own the water.

Through aggressive silence Harper supports the cruelties of the IDF throughout the West bank that ignore the rights of Palestinians and ignore most of the assaults Childrens Painupon Palestinians including regular stone throwing of Zionist kids encouraged by parents.

This is our Peaceful Leader. Have no doubt that his thoughts upon peace are actually thoughts of hate and the endearment of himself.

Here’s another petition that some might have some thoughts about:
Arrest Harper For Inciting Genocide

I wouldn’t go that far at this point but I’m sure some feel there is truth behind this as a message. The attached video says a lot.



Jews In Iran

A Reply to

First let’s consider a bit of history beginning in 1953 when the CIA and MI6 created the coup of a democratic Iran.  Yes Iran was a democratic nation but the UK was having problems with its oil.
To be concise the fact remains that the UK had not paid the agreed by treaty royalties for a number of years; was treating Iranians like second class citizens and worse.
In corporate offices there was a defined ceiling for anyone Iranian.  No matter one’s skill no Iranian could move up past a certain rung in the ladder.
In the oil fields Iranian oil workers were treated in non-human manner.  They were given oil barrels with which to construct their living quarters; they were given lousy pay; they were treated like garbage by the British racists.
These efforts by the Brits to push down the Iranians lead to a population that hated the Brits and with good reason.  Therefore in a democratic election a man by the name of Mossandeq won on the popularity of his wish to nationalize Iran’s oil because of the breaking of treaty by the Brits and because of the bigotry of the Brits running the show in Iran.
Iran’s oil was nationalized and the Brits turned to the USA for help.  The CIA created a coup and the democratic government was kicked out and replaced with the Shah as a puppet dictator.  The US and the UK created the oil company British/American Oil – B/A and stole Iran’s oil splitting it 50/50 between themselves and paying paltry  monies for the oil they took.
But that was not the end of it for Iran.  The US/CIA then created its own Secret Police – SAVAK.  The secret police dealt with dissenters through dire warnings; beatings and killings.  Student activist leaders were often thrown from the roofs of their schools; others were picked off the street in broad daylight to never be seen again and others dragged from their homes in the dead of night.
This continued until the hostage taking of the US Embassy in Tehran.  Please ignore Ben Affleck’s repulsive ignoring of the facts in his movie Argo!
Though the US claims that the US Embassy was inviolate it really wasn’t because of the CIA running such cruelty out of the embassy.  The US embassy definitely lost its inviolate status in a big, big way with its criminal assault upon Iran.
This is a bit of background.

In 1979 past students took over the US Embassy and they had some simple wishes that would have quickly ended the stand-off.  They wanted the US to apologize to Iranians for all the grief the US had laid upon them since 1953.  They wanted the US to not bother Iran in the future; to mind its own business.  But President Carter refused and himself became ineffective as his foolish attempts to get the embassy back and/or to rescue the hostages failed miserably and actually upped the stakes.

The ayatollah then entered the argument and the arguing lasted for some 444 days.

Now we’ll broach the subject of the ancient Jewish population in Persian  and now Iran.  Jews had always had a good life in Iran with a seat in government always set aside for a Jewish representative elected by the Jewish population and this remained after the Iranian Revolution of 1979.  Iranians, for the most part, were well used to the Jews in Iran and the Jews used to their lives in Iran.  They had good lives according to choices they could make as Jews in Iran had been doing for 2,400 years.
They could have their alcohol, their synagogues, their own schools.  In Jewish populations too small to afford their own schools they were educated for free as with all Iranians and to not be forced to take the Iranian religious studies given in schools throughout Iran.

It is the same today for Jews in Iran but there are growing prejudices in Iran against Jews.  This is not because of Iran but because of the hate swarming like locusts out of Israel at every chance.  Israel has always been a scornful nation of Iran and this is becoming more and more a thorn in the side of the non-Jewish Iranians.
Just look at the past years of the hatred from the West and the gigantic hatreds coming out of Israel.  It’s a virtual terror storm!
So it is true that feelings in many Iranians are changing toward Iran’s Jewish population and it’s only normal considering the crap coming out of the US and worse out of Israel with its some 800 nuclear bombs accusing Iran as being the danger without any nuclear bombs.

So, the racism, now growing in Iran, is a direct result of Israel’s attitude including the murders inside Iran of Iranian scientists.


Discussion of Human Rights Watch Accusations Against Russia

Is the conflict in Ukraine a non-international armed conflict or an international armed conflict?
“Mounting evidence from various sources in late August indicates the participation of Russian military forces in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Hostilities between Russian and Ukrainian armed forces amount to an international armed conflict in which the four Geneva Conventions of 1949 would be applicable in their entirety as well as the First Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts (Protocol I).”

Human Rights Warch Is Out-To-Lunch:
* The obvious, yet ignored, interference by the USA created the heat that led from peaceful protests to violence to war. There are all sorts of proofs that the USA put in mercenaries (much in the manner they did in Syria and Libya before that). We know damned well that this is true as they used Blackwater mercenaries in Iraq a lot and some of these mercenaries actions are being dealt with in the American courts rather than the International courts where the truth ought to be brought out.

*It’s interesting that Human Rights Watch infers that the USA is not behaving in a wrongful manner yet it claims that Russia is. Sometimes I have grave troubles with Human Rights Watch when it blithers out of its way to ignore the provocative actions of the USA.

* Certainly the laws giverning war govern over the actions of all parties in all the eventualities and the conduct of all. However, Human Rights Watch seems to go out of its way to protect the US from and governance by International Law one bloody war after another.

“Even during armed conflict situations, in which the laws of war apply, or in times of occupation, international human rights law remains in effect. Ukraine and Russia are both party to a number of human rights treaties, including the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the Convention againstTorture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. These treatiesoutline guarantees for fundamental rights, many of which correspond to the rights to whichcombatants and civilians are entitled under international humanitarian law (e.g. theprohibition on torture and inhuman and degrading treatment, the requirements for nondiscrimination, right to a fairtrial).”

Odd, how none of the above seem to apply equally to the USA and/or Israel yet are always considered in the damning of any country opposing either the USA or Israel. Not only are the Ukraine and Russia governed by these laws but so are all countries including YES, including the USA that is usually invoved to some extent in so many horrid wars round ourpoorworld.
“Certain fundamentalrights—such as the right to life and the right to be secure from torture and other ill-treatment,the prohibition on unacknowledged detention, the duty to ensure judicialreview of the lawfulness of detention, and rights to a fair trial—must always be respected,even during a public emergency.”

* Yes this is very clear and I’m certain that any clear mind, not prohibitively damaged by by the profusion of contemptable reports by the corporate press, would easily see that it is the USA and its NATO allies that are criminally ruthless in the Ukraine and complicently anti-Russia. I’d suggest taking much of the corporate press with a grain of salt at the very best of times. The crap about Russia is ruthless and perfumed with vile hatreds of the Cold War. We were past it except for the USA and now it’s dogging us again in a very dangerous manner.

* I’m going to refrain from getting all butt-ugly about the insecent extremes of illegal violence by the USA in all its wars and in all its CIA gambits. Nor am I going to get all butt-ugly about the massive International crimes flooding out from Israel with the stink of burned flesh and conspiracy to steal.

But think of this quote for a quiet moment of silence for those of Gaza and the West Bank please. “International humanitarian law provides protections to civilians and other noncombatants from the hazards of armed conflict. ”

“International humanitarian law provides protections to civilians and other noncombatants from the hazards of armed conflict. It addresses the conduct of hostilities—the means and methods of warfare—by all sides to a conflict. Foremost is the rule that parties to a conflict must distinguish at all times between combatants and civilians. Civilians may never be the deliberate target of attacks. As discussed below, parties to the conflict are required to take all feasible precautions to minimize harm to civilians and civilian objects and to refrain from attacks that fail to discriminate between combatants and civilians, or would cause disproportionate harm to the civilian population.”

*Somehow this quote eludes the accusation by Human Rights Watch of Russia being in the wrong here. Of course if one drowns oneself in the blather of the corporate press lies you may have an akwardley different view. Becareful the smoke of burning lies don’t corrupt your view.

*Looking at the above quote one easily sees that it essentially lays out the criminality of the coup-installed illegitamate government of the Ukraine and the darkness of American advice. Clearly the Ukraine has been bombing the hell out of the Eastern provinces with not even a tinker’s damn of protecting anyone in their way. To be concise the Ukraine. as advised by the USA, is acting in a criminal manner as laid out by the above quote from Human Rights Watch trying to accuse the separatists and Russia for the crimes of the Ukraine.

“The laws of war limit attacks to “military objectives.” Military objectives are personnel andobjects that are making an effective contribution to military action and whose destruction,capture, or neutralization offers a definite military advantage. This would include enemyfighters, weapons and ammunition, and objects being used for military purposes. Whilehumanitarian law recognizes that some civilian casualties are inevitable during armedconflict, it imposes a duty on parties to the conflict at all times to distinguish betweencombatants and civilians, and to target only combatants and other military objectives.Civilians lose their immunity from attack during the time they are “directly participating inthe hostilities.” ”

*I don’t want to repeat the above assault upon the Human Rights Watch agenda as the wrongfulness is virtually the same. Applicable to the USA’s many conflicts and also to the rabidly repeated assaults by the Israelis in the continued attempt of genocide in Gaza.

*In all things in war the ordinary folk must be protected and no vacuous reasoning can state otherwise.

“Direct attacks on civilians and civilian objects, as discussed above, are prohibited.The laws of war also prohibit indiscriminate attacks. Indiscriminate attacks are those thatstrike military objectives and civilians or civilian objects without distinction. Examples ofindiscriminate attacks are those that are not directed at a specific military objective or thatuse weapons that cannot be directed at a specific military objective.”

*Very clear to not be the ability of the separatists yet clearly the attitude of the illegal Ukraine government backed by the US in all ways and its butt-sniffing doggy followers from a variety of countries.

“Forces deployed in populated areas must avoid locating military objectives near denselypopulated areas and endeavor to remove civilians from the vicinity of military activities. Belligerents areprohibited from using civilians to shield military objectives or operations from attack.“Shielding” refers to purposefully using the presence of civilians to protect militaryforces or areas, making them immune from attack”

*Obviously to people other than Human Rights Watch this is the action of the Ukrainian military as advised by advisers from the USA. Yes they are undoubtedly on the ground offering ‘expertice’ such as; “Don’t worry about it. Just do as we say.”

“The war crime of “shielding” has been defined as intentionally using the presence of civilians to render certain points, areas, or military forces immune from military attack. While it may be unlawful, as noted above, to place forces, weapons and ammunition within or near densely populated areas, it is shielding only when there is a specific intent to use the civilians to deter an attack. Opposing forces may attack a military target that is making use of human shields, but it is still obligated to determine whether the attack is proportionate—that is, that the expected loss of civilian life and property is not greater than the anticipated military advantage of the attack.”

*Now this is a wicked bit that is said to have happened in Gaza by Hamas militants. ie: That human sheilds have been used. This is not a foreign claim in the conflicts in Palestine as invaded again and again by Israel but the only true human sheilds have been the Israelis using captured Palestinians as sheilds in the Israeli aggression in the West Bank.

*Proportionality is a bit of a rut. How much military gain can be assigned to one non-combatant accused of being a human sheild. I’d place the proportionality here at zero.

“Civil airports, roads, and bridges are civilian objects that become military objectives subject to attack if they are actually used for military purposes or military objectives are located on or within them. Even then, the rule of proportionality applies, requiring the parties to the conflict to weigh the short- and long-term harm on civilians against the military advantage served. They must consider all ways of minimizing the impact on civilians; and they should not undertake attacks if the expected civilian harm outweighs the definite military advantage.”

*Again a rule that could take years to work out the right or the wrong. It seems an obfuscation because the makers of the rules of war just can’t say that there is zero tolerance when non-combatant lives are at stake. If this rule were used as stated then perhaps the whole bloody war would face a stalemate and require a ‘political’ working out of the conflict.
We’re now well into the ratty section of law and order and the military crimes that are usually ignored for the country with the most weapons. So I’ll just leave it here for now.
Here is the full attempt by Human Rights Watch to attempt to blame Russia for the crimes of the USA advised Ukraine.


Journalists Killed in the Syrian War – A War Created By the USA

I leave out the US journalists because the US ignores these Journalists

27 May 2013 Yara Abbas Homs (Dabaa airport) Reporter for Syrian News Channel (al-Ikhbariyah) [6]
1 April 2013 Abdul Raheem Kour Hassan Damascus Radio director for Watan FM [7]
15 March 2013 Ahmed Khaled Shehadeh Damascus (Daraya) Editor-in-chief at the newspaper Anab Balady [1]
10 March 2013 Ghaith Abd al-Jawad Damascus Citizen journalist working for the Qaboun Media Center [8]
10 March 2013 Amr Badir al-Deen Junaid (aka Abu Ameer) Damascus Citizen journalist working for the Qaboun Media Center [9]
3 March 2013 Walid Jamil Amira Damascus Citizen journalist working for the Jobar Media Center [10]
25 February 2013 Wael Abdul Aziz Homs (Baba Amr) Citizen journalist [1]
24 February 2013 Olivier Voisin Idlib Governorate (wounded in Syria and died in Turkey) French freelance photographer; injured near Idlib, died in Turkey [11]
19 February 2013 Adnan Abu Abdo Daraa Citizen journalist [1]
17 February 2013 Mohamed Mohamed Damascus Citizen journalist [1]
17 February 2013 Mohammed Saeed Al-Hamwi Damascus (Qaboun) Citizen journalist [1]
15 February 2013 Yousef Adel Bakri Aleppo Citizen journalist with the Aleppo News Network [1]
12 February 2013 Hamada Abdel-Salam Al-Khatib Homs Citizen journalist [1]
11 February 2013 Zaid Abu Obeida Damascus Citizen journalist [1]
6 February 2013 Mohammed Kurdi Damascus Citizen journalist [1]
3 February 2013 Abdul Latif Khalil Khuder Damascus Citizen journalist [1]
2 February 2013 Nabil Al-Nabulsi Daraa Izra Citizen journalist [1]
24 January 2013 Mohamed Abd Al-Rahman Damascus Sports journalist for pro-government news website Syria News [12][13]
18 January 2013 Mohammed al-Masalmeh, a.k.a. Mohamed al-Hourani Basri Al-Hariri, Daraa Governorate Al Jazeera TV reporter [14][15][16]
18 January 2013 Amjed Al-Sayoufi Saqba (east of Damascus) Citizen journalist [13][16]
18 January 2013 Hossein Al-Qadri Saqba (east of Damascus) Citizen journalist [13]
17 January 2013 Yves Debay (French Belgian) Aleppo Assaut (French magazine) (founder and journalist) [14][16][17]
15 January 2013 Ahmed Assaad Al-Shahab Homs Citizen journalist who was executed in a beheading by Syrian forces [13][16]
13 January 2013 Bassem Fawaz Al-Za’bi Tafas (near Deraa) Citizen journalist [13][16]
4 January 2013 Suhail Mahmoud Al-Ali Damascus or Aleppo Addounia TV [18][18][19][20][21]
22 December 2012 Haidar Smoudi (also transliterated al-Sumudi) Damascus Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) [1][22]
12 December 2012 Anmar Yassin Mohammad Damascus (Mezzeh) pro-gov Syrian News Center[23][24]
6 December 2012 Mohamed Khair Sheikh Qwaider Arbin (east of Damascus) Citizen journalist [1]
4 December 2012 Naji Assaad Damascus (Tadamon) Tishreen [25]
30 November 2012 Marwan Hamid Charbaji Damascus (Daraya) Citizen journalist [1]
29 November 2012 Mohammad Koraytem Damascus (Daraya) Citizen journalist [1]
25 November 2012 Mohamed al-Khal Deir ez-Zor Shaam News Network [26]
21 November 2012 Basel Tawfiq Yussif Damascus (Tadamon) Journalist for Syria’s Public Authority for Radio and Television (Syrian state TV) [26][27][28]
20 November 2012 Huzan Abdul Halim Mahmoud Al-Hasaka (Ras al-Ayn) Citizen journalist [1]
19 November 2012 Mohammed Al-Zaheer Al-Naimi Damasacus (Al-Bouaida) Citizen journalist [1]
18 November 2012 Mohammed Al-Khalid Aleppo Media activist executed by the Free Syria Army [1]
17 November 2012 Abdullah Hassan Kaaka Unknown Citizen journalist tortured by the government [1]
16 November 2012 Mustafa Kerman Aleppo Citizen journalist [1]
5 November 2012 Samer Khrayshi Arbin (east of Damascus) Citizen journalist [1]
2 November 2012 Hassan Haidar Al Sheikh Hammoud Homs Citizen journalist [1]
1 November 2012 Mohammad Khalil Al-Wakaa Deir ez-Zor Citizen journalist [1]
23 October 2012 Fatima Khaled Saad, aka Farah El Rayes Latakia A female citizen journalist tortured to death by the government forces [1][29]
23 October 2012 Anas Al-Ahmed Unknown Citizen journalist [1][29]
20 October 2012 Omar Abdul Razik Lattouf (uncle) Aleppo Citizen journalist [1]
20 October 2012 Mohammed Jumaa Abdul Karim Lattouf (nephew) Aleppo Citizen journalist [1]
10 October 2012 Mohammad Al-Ashram Deir ez-Zor Syrian News Channel (Al-Ikhbariyah TV) [30]
3 October 2012 Mona Bakkour Aleppo (Saadallah Al-Jabri Square) Thawra [1]
2 October 2012 Ahmed Ali Saada Damascus Citizen journalist and worked for the Syrian National Council [1]
27 September 2012 Mohamad Fayad Askar Deir ez-Zor (Al Kousour) Citizen journalist [1]
26 September 2012 Abdul Aziz Ragheb Al-Sheikh Deir ez-Zor (Al Jabla) Citizen journalist for Shaam News Network [1]
19 September 2012 Abdul Kareem Al Okdah Hama Citizen journalist for Shaam News Network [1]
9 September 2012 Tamer Al-Awam Aleppo Freelance filmmaker [31]
6 September 2012 Anas Al-Abdullah Damascus Citizen journalist [1]
6 September 2012 Tahseen Al-Toum Damascus Citizen journalist [1]
6 September 2012 Nawaf Al-Hindi Damascus Citizen journalist [1]
4 September 2012 Mohamed Badeer Al-Qasim Homs Citizen journalist who started a media center in Deir ez-Zor [1]
22 August 2012 Maya Nasser Damascus Press TV (Iran) [32]
22 August 2012 Omar Hamed al Zanil (also transliterated Omar Al Hamed Al-Zamel) Al-Hirak, Izra’ District, Daraa Governorate Citizen journalist [1][33]
22 August 2012 Musab al-Odallah Naher Aisha, Damascus Tishreen [34][33][35][36][37]
20 August 2012 Mika Yamamoto (Japanese) Aleppo Japan Press [38][39]
11 August 2012 Ali Abbas Jdaidet Artouz (town), southwest of Damascus Journalist for SANA who was killed at his home [40][41][42][43]
11 August 2012 Bara’a Yusuf al-Bushi Al-Tall Citizen journalist [40][42]
10 August 2012 Hatem Abu Yehya Al-Tall Syrian News Channel (Al-Ikhbariyah TV) [40][44][45]
3 August 2012 Mohammed al-Saeed Jdaidet Artouz, southwest of Damascus SANA TV presenter who was kidnapped and executed [40][41][46]
3 August 2012 Ahmad Salam Damascus Citizen journalist [1]
3 August 2012 Zuhair Muhammed Al-Shaher Deir ez-Zor Citizen journalist [1]
22 July 2012 Mahmoud Sudqi Idlib Governorate Citizen journalist [47]
19 July 2012 Mohamed al-Husni Al-Qusayr, Homs Governorate Citizen journalist and director of the Media Centre in Al Qusour [1][48]
18 July 2012 Ali Juburi al-Kaabi (Iraqi) Damascus Al Roaa (Iraq) [49][50]
18 July 2012 Falah Taha (Iraqi) Damascus Al Roaa (Iraq) [49][50]
12 July 2012 Ihsan al Buni (also transliterated Ihssan Al-Binni) Damascus (Daraya) Al-Thawra [1][51][52]
4 July 2012 Suhaib Dib Damascus Citizen journalist [53][54]
4 July 2012 Alaa Umar Jumaa Kansaba Citizen journalist [55]
2 July 2012 Mohamed Hamdo Hallaq Azaz (near Aleppo) Citizen journalist [53][54]
28 June 2012 Mohammed Ali Al Haymad Damascus (Daraya) Citizen journalist [1]
28 June 2012 Samer Khalil Al-Sataleh (Al-Salta), aka Abou Yasser Damscus (Douma) Citizen journalist [1][53][54]
27 June 2012 Mohammad Shamma Damascus (Drousha) Syrian News Channel (Al-Ikhbariyah TV) [56][57]
27 June 2012 Zaid Kahel Damascus (Drousha) Syrian News Channel (Al-Ikhbariyah TV) [56][58]
27 June 2012 Sami Abu Amin Damascus (Drousha) Syrian News Channel (Al-Ikhbariyah TV) [56][58]
26 June 2012 Wael Omar Barad Jarjaraz Citizen journalist [1]
25 June 2012 Ghias Khaled Al-Hmouria Damscus (Douma) Citizen journalist [53][54]
21 June 2012 Hamza Mahmoud Othman Homs Citizen journalist [1][59]
21 June 2012 Omar Al-Ghantawi Homs Citizen journalist [53][54]
16 June 2012 Ahmed Hamada Homs (Baba Amr) Citizen journalist [60]
15 June 2012 Bassim Barakat Darwish Al-Rastan, Homs Governorate Citizen journalist & founder of the Rastan Media Center [61]
13 June 2012 Ayham Youssef Al Hariri Houran Citizen journalist [1]
10 June 2012 Khaled Al-Bakir (Al-Bakr) Al-Qusayr, Homs Governorate Citizen journalist & founder of Alaasi Revolution News Network [60][62][63]
31 May 2012 Abdulhameed Idriss Matar Al-Qusayr, Homs Governorate Citizen journalist [1]
28 May 2012 Bassel Shehadeh Homs Citizen journalist [64][65][66]
28 May 2012 Ahmed Al Assam Homs Citizen journalist [66][67]
27 May 2012 Ammar Mohamed Zado (also transliterated Amar Mohamed Souheil Zada) Damascus (Al-Midan) director of Shaam News Network [1][66][68][69]
27 May 2012 Ahmed Adnan Al-Ashlaq Damascus (Al-Midan) Shaam News Network [66][68][70]
27 May 2012 Lawrence Fahmy Al-Naimi Damascus (Al-Midan) Shaam News Network [66][68][71]
17 May 2012 Mohammed Hassan Azhari Damascus Citizen journalist who was arrested, tortured, and killed in a Syrian prison [1]
4 May 2012 Abdul Ghani Kaakeh Aleppo (Salah Al-Din) Citizen journalist [72][73][74]
17 April 2012 Khaled Mahmoud Kabbisho Idlib Citizen journalist [66][75][76]
17 April 2012 Alaa al-Din Hassan al-Douri Hama Governorate Citizen journalist [66][75][76]
14 April 2012 Sameer Shalab al-Sham Homs Citizen journalist [66][76][77]
14 April 2012 Ahmed Abdollah Fakhriyeh Dumeir (northeast of Damascus), Rif Dimashq Governorate Citizen journalist [66][76]
6 April 2012 Anas Al-Houlani Homs Citizen journalist [1]
29 March 2012 Ahmed Mohamed Djibril Idlib Citizen journalist who was 17-years old at the time he was shot and killed [1][78]
26 March 2012 Walid Bledi (Algerian/British) Darkush (near the Turkish border) U.K. freelance journalist [79][80][81][82][83]
26 March 2012 Naseem Intriri (Algerian/French) Darkush (near the Turkish border) U.K. freelance journalist [79][80][81][82][83]
26 March 2012 Jawan Mohammed Qatna Al-Hasakeh (Ad Darbasiyah) Kidnapped (Kurdish) citizen journalist for Free Derbassiyeh Coordination Committee whose body was later discovered [79][83]
9 March 2012 Amr Kaaka Doma (near Damascus) Citizen journalist [1]
24 February 2012 Abdullah Khaled Awad Al-Qusayr, Homs Governorate Citizen journalist [1]
24 February 2012 Anas al-Tarsha Homs (Qarabees) Citizen journalist [66][84]
22 February 2012 Remi Ochlik (French) Homs French freelance photographer for IP3 Press photo agency [85][86][87]
22 February 2012 Marie Colvin (American) Homs The Sunday Times (UK) [85][88][89][90]
21 February 2012 Rami al-Sayed Homs (Baba Amr) Citizen journalist [66][91][92][93]
7 February 2012 Mazhar Tayyara (also transliterated Madhar Amr Tayara) Homs Freelance journalist for Agence France-Presse (France), The Guardian (UK), Die Welt (Germany) [94][95][96][97][98]
5 February 2012 Saleh Samih Murjan Karm Zeitun (near Homs) Citizen journalist [1]
27 January 2012 Usama Burhan Idriss Homs (Inshaatt) Citizen journalist [1]
11 January 2012 Gilles Jacquier (French) Homs France 2 [99][100][101][102]
2 January 2012 Shoukri Ahmed Ratib Abu Bourghoul (also transliterated Shukri Ratib Abu Burghol) Damascus (Daraya) al-Thawra (daily) and Radio Damas [103][104][105][106]
28 December 2011 Muawiya Ibrahim Ayoub Al-Rastan, Homs Governorate Citizen journalist [1]
27 December 2011 Muatassim Al-Saleh Hama Citizen journalist [1]
27 December 2011 Basil al-Sayed Homs (Baba Amr) Citizen journalist/videographer [107][108]
21 December 2011 Rami Ismail Iqbal a Syrian prison Citizen journalist [1][59]
15 December 2011 Bilal Jibss Idlib (Kafr Tkharam) Citizen journalist [1]
15 December 2011 Hamza Khalid Amer Shamseen (near Homs) Citizen journalist [1]
6 December 2011 Firas Barshan Homs Citizen journalist [1]
26 November 2011 Nizar Adnan Humsa Homs (Al Bayada) Citizen journalist who died while in custody of the Syrian intelligence agency [1]
20 November 2011 Ferzat Jarban Al-Qusayr, Homs Governorate Freelance TV camera operator [109][110][111]
5 May 2011 Ahmed Souleymane Daheek Homs Citizen journalist [1]

America and American press is more than rude to the many peoples of the USA when it isolates America from the rest of ourpoorworld in its reporting.  Therefore, I leave out the 2 Americans meaning them no more/no less a slight than does the American media family of ONE.