Jews In Iran

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First let’s consider a bit of history beginning in 1953 when the CIA and MI6 created the coup of a democratic Iran.  Yes Iran was a democratic nation but the UK was having problems with its oil.
To be concise the fact remains that the UK had not paid the agreed by treaty royalties for a number of years; was treating Iranians like second class citizens and worse.
In corporate offices there was a defined ceiling for anyone Iranian.  No matter one’s skill no Iranian could move up past a certain rung in the ladder.
In the oil fields Iranian oil workers were treated in non-human manner.  They were given oil barrels with which to construct their living quarters; they were given lousy pay; they were treated like garbage by the British racists.
These efforts by the Brits to push down the Iranians lead to a population that hated the Brits and with good reason.  Therefore in a democratic election a man by the name of Mossandeq won on the popularity of his wish to nationalize Iran’s oil because of the breaking of treaty by the Brits and because of the bigotry of the Brits running the show in Iran.
Iran’s oil was nationalized and the Brits turned to the USA for help.  The CIA created a coup and the democratic government was kicked out and replaced with the Shah as a puppet dictator.  The US and the UK created the oil company British/American Oil – B/A and stole Iran’s oil splitting it 50/50 between themselves and paying paltry  monies for the oil they took.
But that was not the end of it for Iran.  The US/CIA then created its own Secret Police – SAVAK.  The secret police dealt with dissenters through dire warnings; beatings and killings.  Student activist leaders were often thrown from the roofs of their schools; others were picked off the street in broad daylight to never be seen again and others dragged from their homes in the dead of night.
This continued until the hostage taking of the US Embassy in Tehran.  Please ignore Ben Affleck’s repulsive ignoring of the facts in his movie Argo!
Though the US claims that the US Embassy was inviolate it really wasn’t because of the CIA running such cruelty out of the embassy.  The US embassy definitely lost its inviolate status in a big, big way with its criminal assault upon Iran.
This is a bit of background.

In 1979 past students took over the US Embassy and they had some simple wishes that would have quickly ended the stand-off.  They wanted the US to apologize to Iranians for all the grief the US had laid upon them since 1953.  They wanted the US to not bother Iran in the future; to mind its own business.  But President Carter refused and himself became ineffective as his foolish attempts to get the embassy back and/or to rescue the hostages failed miserably and actually upped the stakes.

The ayatollah then entered the argument and the arguing lasted for some 444 days.

Now we’ll broach the subject of the ancient Jewish population in Persian  and now Iran.  Jews had always had a good life in Iran with a seat in government always set aside for a Jewish representative elected by the Jewish population and this remained after the Iranian Revolution of 1979.  Iranians, for the most part, were well used to the Jews in Iran and the Jews used to their lives in Iran.  They had good lives according to choices they could make as Jews in Iran had been doing for 2,400 years.
They could have their alcohol, their synagogues, their own schools.  In Jewish populations too small to afford their own schools they were educated for free as with all Iranians and to not be forced to take the Iranian religious studies given in schools throughout Iran.

It is the same today for Jews in Iran but there are growing prejudices in Iran against Jews.  This is not because of Iran but because of the hate swarming like locusts out of Israel at every chance.  Israel has always been a scornful nation of Iran and this is becoming more and more a thorn in the side of the non-Jewish Iranians.
Just look at the past years of the hatred from the West and the gigantic hatreds coming out of Israel.  It’s a virtual terror storm!
So it is true that feelings in many Iranians are changing toward Iran’s Jewish population and it’s only normal considering the crap coming out of the US and worse out of Israel with its some 800 nuclear bombs accusing Iran as being the danger without any nuclear bombs.

So, the racism, now growing in Iran, is a direct result of Israel’s attitude including the murders inside Iran of Iranian scientists.



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