Harper Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Yes, I know it’s absurd to promote the mass murder, some call genocide, by Israel upon the Citizens of Gaza and then to have representatives of those war crimes twist our heads 100 degrees anti-clockwise and to nominate our Prime Minister for the Peace Prize.

Broken Peace Sign

Of course, there’s little left of the value of this prize as it was given to the war criminal down south. This has given the award a tarnish that would take decades of polishing to remove. With the Harper nomination the tarnish has etched deep within any grace the prize had left.

However bizarre Harper has stated that Hamas was to blame for the children of Gaza blown up by Israeli bombs and missiles from fighter/bombers and by mortar fire from tanks and artillery. None of which the isolated people of Gaza has or had.

GazaGAZA 2

Harper said Hamas started the war because the terrorist organization wants to destroy the state of Israel. I suppose Hamas, the people of Gaza and the people of the West Bank don’t want Israel as a state upon their land. Why should they? I also believe strongly that Hamas, duly elected is not the terrorist here but Israel is the terrorist and the Zionists have been terrorists in Palestine since 1917.

But these are facts beyond the apparent shallow depth of the Harper mind.


“Harper added that if a terrorist organization were attacking Canadians, there would be a similar response from Canada.”
I guess the closest we could come to that here in Canada is if the rest of Canada were to steal portions of Quebec and if the fought back we’d label them a terrorist faction and we’d feel free to blow up their children.
In fact, this essentially what Harper has promoted as right for the Israelis in Palestine.

This is the terror and the murder and the war crimes Harper is promoting without a blink for other MP’s except for Elizabeth May and her Green Party. Hurrah for her!
“Israeli strikes hit a crowded shopping area in Gaza City Wednesday, hours after tank shells tore through the walls of a U.N. school crowded with war refugees in the deadliest of a series of air and artillery attacks that pushed the Palestinian death toll above 1,300 in more than three weeks of fighting.”Child Killed

Another woman of strength and a true sense of justice has broken with the whimpish void of Mulcair to make a strong statement against he actions of Israel.

“The NDP deputy leader, Libby Davies, is urging Canadians to “speak out” against the growing bloodshed in Gaza.”

On that note I’d like to make comment upon ‘caucus discipline’ which curtails party members from speaking out on their own and accepting the view of the party as a whole and for only the leader and the ‘official party critic’ speaking out to their constituents and to the people of Canada. We’re supposed to honour free speech Child Burnedhere but this attitude ruins that premise altogether.

I want to hear my MP’s speaking out against the Harper acceptance of the nomination as a Peace Prize potential candidate. Harper is a miserable warmonger who took us in with the USA to kill a vibrant Libya; he backed up the USA destruction of Syria (yes I’ll state it now rather than wait 30 for the admission out of the USA) and, of all things dirty and mindless, Harper stated he would have taken Canada into Iraq.

Interview with Terry O’Neill of BC Report newsmagazine, 1999
“This government’s only explanation for not standing behind our allies is that they Rescue workers search for victims as Palestinians gather around the wreckage of a house in Rafahcouldn’t get the approval of the Security Council at the United Nations – a body [on] which Canada doesn’t even have a seat.”

This is a man of PEACE! Not on your life!

“Don’t forget that the muddy and bloodied waters of the Ukraine is where Harper has taken Canada by his government’s support of the coup and regime change in that country. The Ukrainian fiasco will be one of the main reasons, out of hundreds, that’s going to decimate the Conservative party come the next election. Harper and gang has worked overtime to hand the country to the Liberals.” http://dodocanspell.blogspot.ca/2014/07/one-more-warmonger-bites-dust-arseniy.html

Harper, also supports the torture on going in Guantanamo Bay Detention Centre by never bleeping a word against the hell these innocent men are going through as Whytheir lives waste away. I hope you know that they’ve been proved innocent many months ago.

Harper by not opening his mouth also supported the the torture of Chelsea Manning and of the US sending Arar to Syria to be tortured.

A man of PEACE. Not in this lifetime.

And again Harper speaks to the ending of human rights; “Human rights commissions, as they are evolving, are an attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society… It is in fact totalitarianism. I find this is very scary stuff.” Stephen Harper. ”
Here is an online petition to deny the nomination of Stephen Harper for the Peace Prize.

Stephen Harper also supports the illegal, criminal stealing of Palestinian land, Aparteid actions in the West Bank/Gaza, illegal building of Israeli settlements, taking Palestinian water -73% for Israel – 10% for illegal settlements (and rising) – leaving only 17% for Palestinians that own the water.

Through aggressive silence Harper supports the cruelties of the IDF throughout the West bank that ignore the rights of Palestinians and ignore most of the assaults Childrens Painupon Palestinians including regular stone throwing of Zionist kids encouraged by parents.

This is our Peaceful Leader. Have no doubt that his thoughts upon peace are actually thoughts of hate and the endearment of himself.

Here’s another petition that some might have some thoughts about:
Arrest Harper For Inciting Genocide

I wouldn’t go that far at this point but I’m sure some feel there is truth behind this as a message. The attached video says a lot.




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