Anti-Semitism – The Hate Toward Palestinians

Let’s remember who Semites are. Palestinians are, by percentage, more pure Semites then are Israelis.

Anti-Semitism is rooted in the Bible and the supposed killing of Christ. This has been used as a thread of hate toward Jews for centuries. However, it is not a Jewish fault that Israel is such a beastly, thieving country stealing land on an escalating amount in defiance of International Law. Without the US backing of Israel the state of Israel would be smothered.

The pogrom by Israel really began in the infancy of land theft brought on by Zionists out of mostly northern Europe in and about 1917. In palestine at this time land ownership was rare and people shared the land or understood the belonging of land through familiar histories. The Bedouins moved in a nomadic fashion across these lands never over grazing or using up of waters in the oasis areas. There were no deeds.

The Zionists came in with the idea of ownership records and, when the found none. just wrote themselves a deed as ‘proof’ of their ownership and kicked the various tribes of Palestinians out. This happens today all over Palestine but with the Israeli government doing the dire deeds of theft as do many other so-called settlers.

Just look at the maps of Palestine and the observable land theft by the Zionists and Israel’s government as backed by illegal laws the US and by the most hypocritical of men – Stephen Harper.


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