Harper – Mass Destruction of Canada

Canada is being sucked out from beneath us by the conservatives in Ottawa as Harper continues to sell us down the river to other countries while hiding away much of the time and bs’ing Canadians every time he opens his mouth to “answer questions” but only those questions that will lead to his pat answers. Harper is the most destructive man; nay Yahoo that ever took over the PM’s office and shut the door hard against all Canadian except for the wealthy class stealing off the rest of us.
So shall we head flabbergasted toward a revolution of sorts this election https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gR9JMwzxybE or will we tuck our heads back in the sand or beneath our pillows and let this fool government take our Canada away!

According to a 2012 vote by members of the Canadian Association of Journalists we’ve been suffering under the most secretive regime in our history yet the Cons still win by default because too many right-wing belligerents just cannot focus or are too foolish to care.

The CAJ president Hugo Rodrigues said: “The death grip on information has long frustrated journalists in this country, but it may now be reaching a point where the public at large is not only empathetic, but shares it.”

Harper is a bad boy – a wolf in sheep’s clothing fooling too many Canadians.


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