A Reply to Ass. Press Whining

A Reply to Ass. Press Whining


1) Yes News is blocked and this began with the embedded journalists under the frightful GHW Bush regime. GHW Bush kept out journalists from his Panama Invasion atrocity. Then he created embeds which go only where told and feel they on the one side of a war rather than reporting on two sides at the very least. In the War Crime of the 8 day Fallugah assault the embeds were to to go and to stay in their hotels!
–In this case your attack is upon Obama when it should be and have been an attack upon GHW Bush.

2) As if changing policies such as this is unusual for any US government. Not saying it’s right but suggesting you should have been nailing other presidents and state officials on this for years now past.

3) Nothing has changed the ‘proved innocent’ still rot in the depths of American ignorance. Is the press pushing or is it just passing the blame and not doing its job? Or, does Guantanamo Bay not sell enough papers for the corporate press?

4) “Information about Guantanamo that was routinely released under President George W. Bush is now kept secret.” GW Bush passed out a series of very damning lies as to what was going on in Guantanamo Bay Detention Centre (USA). Torture is still going on though GW Bush is still not being found guilty for it’s being used nor for it continuing when said to have been stopped. Yes, Obama id wrong but the press seems lazy!

5) Then why are you not reporting this and making the reporter him/herself an anonymous journalist? Have some guts out there or get out of the business. Threat of firing! Report it fully!

6) Again report in detail the time delays and the blocking. Don’t just sit back and whine. I can’t believe either of the Bushes were better with the amount of crap they got away with virtually ignored by the press.

7) If its a tip-off service report every instance of its illegal use upon reporters and citizens alike.

8) Then, lets see the reporting of these issues. Once again I can not see this being anything new!

Come On News People – Do Your Jobs


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