Highway of Death – Major War Crime

Highway of Death

The above is a video of a hideous, immoral war crime by the USA and General Schwartzkopf. A huge convoy of retreating Iraqis are caught by the US flooding down the route home. They are stopped at both ends and given no chance to surrender.

The who line of vehicles is continually strafed by American fighters. Most are only charred bodies when Schwartzkopf is finished.

“No attempt was made by U.S. military command to distinguish between military personnel and civilians on the “highway of death”. The whole intent of international law with regard to war is to prevent just this sort of indiscriminate and excessive use of force.”

Though the US ‘uses’ the International Criminal Court’ it has withdrawn after this terrible, hideous war crime. This means they’re not prosecutable for their varied wars crimes. The withdrawal, though, makes it obvious they are guilty.

Could Iran just simply withdraw from the Nuclear Weapons Agreement. Not on your life would the the US allow that! No, Iran could never play the great pretend game that Israel does with its some 800+ nuclear bombs that, officially, do not exist.

No the great rogue power, the USA, allows and does not allow as it sees fit and according to American interests. And the puppy dogs of the UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden, France just kiss the big dogs arse, have a good long sniff and carry on backing the big tough dog!

Yeah, it’s sick. It’s like a gang with a powerful leader controlling the weak dogs at every move. And, the USA doesn’t even follow its own damned rules. If they don’t fit with what they want the rules are ignored.

At the present time the US is in default for having not destroyed its chemical weapons of which tons still exist in Kentucky and in Colorado. All other countries signatory to the treaty (ie: LAW) have obliged. Israel, of course, has opted not to join this treaty either and has tons of chemical weapons ready to load on their war planes at a moments notice.

So Israel, complaining about everyone else does just as it damn well pleases. What a phony world we live in with the likes of Israel and the USA who flaunt their ability to ignore law at every chance. Both Israelis and Americans can go back in history to see a huge amount of horror coming from them.

With Israel it is the Zionist beginnings in the early 1900’s when the Zionists began their vile trickery of stealing land and booting out the owners in about 1917. Then working up to 1947-8 to herd about 750,000 Palestinians into the Gaza Strip.

Miko Peled makes the clear statement that new Zionists moved into the abandoned homes so quickly that the coffee was still warm upon the table in some cases.

This has all led up toward modern times where a big strong ass-hole of a country can get away with a virtual dictatorship in our world with horrors of as exhibited by the USA in just so many areas with its war crimes and its illegal covert invasions.

No, we’re pretty much a huge dictatorship in today’s world with the USA ruling the roost. And, like a true dictator not having to follow any rules. It just opts out and continues on. Somehow I doubt they’ll get rid of their chemical weapons. Once everyone else has they will opt out and only the USA and Israel will have those weapons.

Yes, it’s criminal.



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