ISIS Murders – USA Murders

ISIS Murders  –   USA Murders

Isis has been hitting the headlines with it’s grotesque murders and one can but wonder what damned good these murders do – what damn good it does to burn a captive alive.  These sort of remind me of the days of Pinochet in Chile after the USA created coup of 1973.

But today it’s IS, ISIS, ISIL or Deash, a term used by Kerry.

However, something is missing in our world of AP, Reuters, the Washington Post, CNN and our very own Winnipeg Free Press along with our CBC. 

We’re completely missing what the USA Drones are doing in various countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Algeria and very, very likey in Iraq still.

Our press is reluctant to talk about these Drone Wars of killing isolated persons and making claim they were terrorists even though a good number are children and the kill count far from accurate.  So I’ve decided to give you all a chance to see what we’re backing as our government (not just Harper) backs the incredible cruelty carried on mostly in secret by our good buddy down south – the USA.

Info Wars – Like it or not this is the TRUTH!


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