Not a Muslim Problem

What do we do with ISIS?

First, though, let’s get beyond the cow pie of this being a Muslim problem because, in essence, it is not. ISIS is a monster created by the US and I’ll try to explain why in a very concise manner.

ISIS mostly began with an action promoted by Zbigniew Brzezinski who has been an advisor to a line of Presidents. A man with no conscience much like Henry Kissinger that organized such hateful moves as the coup of Chile in 1973 which led to the deaths of President Allende and thousands of Chileans for the decade long span of the dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet.

The Chilean coup is quite a bit the same as many other coups by the US in our poor world. It was an ‘improvement’ over that of the 1953 Coup of Iran and a primitive coup compared to the Coup (attempt) of Syria and the blood Coup of Libya aided and abetted by a most foolish UN. A UN with only the fiction of power.

Chile’s coup began with the insertion of trained assets of the CIA and with the use of the press with which to spread false stories differing depending upon where they were published. The stories were concocted to make it seem that other parts of the country of Chile were falling apart and getting people worried about their livelihoods and to hate Union Movements. The guile by the US was conceived to open up Chile (which was nationalizing businesses because of the cruelty of employers many of which were US companies) and to rip its heart out. The US succeeded.

The stories, created by the CIA with CIA funding and a $10 million gift for that exact purpose by President Nixon. As far as President Nixon goes I don’t give a darn about the Watergate scandal that got him impeached but I do care about the hushed up involvement of the US and the CIA and the Office of the President in this horror that claimed many thousands of lives from beginning to end.

Further down the road (both directions) we have the US committing this type of horror in many, many countries of which I will offer up only a few coups and/or heavy ‘influence’ in attempted coups: Syria 1949, Guatemala 1954 (guite a horror story but nothing like the ones in Chile and Syria #2),Indonesia 1958,Tibet uprising, the in the Congo 1960,Dominican Republic 1961, Bay of Pigs Cuba, in South Vietnam 1963, in Brazil 1964,Chile in 1973, Argentina 1976, Afghanistan 1979-89, Turkey 1980, Poland 1980-89, Nicaragua 1981-87, Iraq 1992-96, Venezuela 2002, Iran 2005 ongoing, Bolivia 2008,Honduras 2009,Ecuador 2010, and more…(El Salvador Death Squads – CIA trained)

Obama is having trouble trying to renew relations with most countries in Latin America. They’ve had too many punches below the belt by the less than honorable US as it still tries even to overtly influence politics in various countries. He’s trying to tell these nations how much better their living standards will be when tied to the US! Please Obama look at the facts as the US has caused nothing bit economic hardship in most countries it deals with. It is doing the same to both Mexico and Canada with continuous litigation regarding the Free Trade agreements!

I’ve gone off a bit here giving examples of some of the struggles other countries have with the US interference only to support the reality of what the US does do.

These are the ways in which ISIS has been created. In most, if not all of these countries, the American influence has led to troubles and underground militias in the countries it has violated.

This, al Qaeda – ISIS, problem is not novel nor is it new except that now Harper has made Canada a contributor to such horrors as ISIS and he is being dishonest about this.

A type of ISIS began in the disaster we created in Libya. A nonsense invasion authorised by the UN Resolution 1979 which was used as a foot in the door to kill the country. A country that had a very, very good life-style that has been stolen by the arrogance of the West through bombs and missiles and the mercenaries brought in from all over but mostly from the Arab province in Northern Mali who are very, very poor because of the pseudo-democracy backed by the French and the US.

We committed a variety of war crimes in our assault upon Libya and its peoples. Note: Libya did not back the US dollar and not did Syria, nor Iraq way back.

In Syria the US did, first, the same as it did in Chile–it divided and conquered through vile rumours both printed and spoken to divided the country into unco-operative zones. They pushed and agenda that went far enough even to sometime pitch brother against brother. One can see that the US has been very proficient about this and so much of our media falling in-line with the propaganda put out by the US.

Following the breakdown of the culture of Syria the mercenaries began to arrive in a terribly murderous way very, very much like the actions of ISIS today. The US even began to arm al Qaeda and this is where much of the arms came into the hands of ISIS along with their appropriating US arms al over the area. How much is pushed through surreptitiously – who knows.

So ISIS is a huge problem but it is not Canada’s too. Or is it?

Of course it is as we backed all that has gone on the create the cruel wars in the Middle East/North Africa. But to follow, as Harper would like us to do, is to tread down the wrong path. We’d just be backing the US which is the country central to all of these problems through its vicious activities throughout our poor world.


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