Monetary Unit of Exchange

Accordung to the Business Insider ( Turkey`s new adventure into the War Upon Syria could be a turning point agaunst ISIS.

I believe we should not get caught up in the efforts of the West – including our Harper – to exagerate the danger of ISIS but the big excuse that ISIS is to enable the invasion of Syria and to completely demolish the country as they did with Libya taking away all that Libyans had. Let`s remember that Ghaddafi was a thorn in the side of the US because he had a very stable and strong country that had dumped the US dollar as the unit of exchange. This is not allowed by the US because if coutries moved to a more equitable unit of exchange the US dollar could become a useless junk currency.

It`s also important to note that Libya was working upon a new monetary plan for most of Africa if not all of Africa and Libya was convinced that Africa, having being ruined by the efforts of the US and the long association with Europe, could do much better aligning strongly within itself to create wealth and stability.

Syria was another thorn in the side of the US control over our poor world and was functioning rather well with some exceptions. Syria was doing well with its association with Russia but it also had decided to dump the US dollar as a unit of exchange along with Libya and, yes years back with Saddam`s Iraq.

But more and more powerful countries are looking toward dumping the US dollar as the unit of exchange and I gess this is what has gotten Russia in trouble as the US pushed to crunch the Ukraine to get NATO closer and closer to Russia borders. US belligerance is causing a lot of horror and this has pushed Russia and China together and will be working toward the gold standard or something other than the US dollar.

Let`s remember that the US currency is far too much in our world today and if forced away from being a world exchange unit it could very quickly follow the path of the German currency in the 1930`s leading up to WW2.



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