Sanctions – Backgrounder – Harper

It seems that the Sanctions imposed under the Canadian Harper regime are still being enforced. Also, the reasoning by Harper and fellow conservatives are based upon lies very evident in the written affirmation of these sanctions.

“In November 2013, the refusal of then-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to sign a landmark association agreement with the European Union set off major protests in Kyiv, leading to the fall of the Yanukovych government.”

This is the first line of the background reasoning for these sanctions. This is baloney.
The government of Ukraine ‘refused’ nothing. This language is completely out of line with the facts.
Ukraine chose between two offers with regard to trade. Ukraine chose the Russia offer over the EU offer.



“In March 2014, Russian forces occupied the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine. Following the unconstitutional “referendum” on March 16, 2014, President Putin signed a treaty purporting to incorporate Crimea into the Russian Federation on March 18, 2014. Canada, along with the international community, continues to condemn Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea.”


This is the next line of the ‘background’ and it evades about 3 months of troubles in Ukraine.

In actual fact Russia could not just get up and leave Crimea that was attached by Khrushchev, leader of the Soviet Union, to Ukraine when Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union. Included in this attachment was the Soviet’s Black Sea fleet of major importance to the Soviet State now Russia. In agreement with the independence of Ukraine there was a protection force of Russian soldiers there to protect the Black Sea Fleet.

Under Russia requirements Crimea was protected from the war the was exploding due to the USA actions and threats related directly to Ukraine’s choice of the Russian trade deal over that of the EU.

Notice that none of this had anything, whatsoever, to do with the USA.

The famous Nuland swearing phone call:
“The assistant US secretary of state, Victoria Nuland, has apologized after her phone conversation about the political crisis in Ukraine was leaked on the internet. The call between Nuland and a US ambassador focused on the future of the country if it gains a new government. Nuland declined to comment on ‘private diplomatic conversations’ ”

The Guardian:
Friday 7 February 2014 17.31 GMT

The video here shows a very imperialist view of US so-called diplomats. It also show Nuland, with a plastic bag, giving out bits of bread.
“Hello. Good to see you, we here from America……..”

“Some 95.5% of voters in Crimea have supported joining Russia, officials say, after half the votes have been counted in a disputed referendum.

Crimea’s leader says he will apply to join Russia on Monday. Russia’s Vladimir Putin has said he will respect the Crimean people’s wishes.

Many Crimeans loyal to Kiev boycotted the referendum, and the EU and US condemned it as illegal.” BBC

Whether or not the EU and the US say it’s illegal is beyond the point of it being absolutely necessary for, not only Russia but for the peoples of Crimea and their security by a violent war caused, once again, by US interference and the conniving, not only of the state department of the US but the CIA.

Regardless of any argument, the hell started with the US involvement as is not unusual historically.
Though the BBC claims that many Crimeans boycotted the referendum this is just the usual media going backwards upon what has been seen and reported.

“Pro-Russian forces took control of Crimea in February.” This is also of the BBC! And quite in error again. These were Russian forces, allowed by mutual agreement between Russia and Ukraine, there to protect the Russian Black Sea fleet.

It is obvious to anyone sane that Russia had to protect the fleet and there were no two ways about it. Yet the BBC goes right off target away from the voice of reason and straight to the Blarney Stone type arrogance of a West befuddled by the USA.

Please remember these are exerts of the Harper ‘Background’ on the issues.

“In the wake of the illegal annexation of Crimea, Russian-backed militants quickly gained control of significant portions of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of eastern Ukraine, declaring the creation of the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ and the ‘Luhansk People’s Republic’. Fraudulent so-called “independence referendums”, initiated by pro-Russian separatists, were held on May 11, 2014, but gained no international recognition. In the months following, violence increased as Russian-backed insurgents clashed with Ukrainian government forces. ”

1. Illegal – not ever proved. Just opinion.
2. There were no Russia backed militants.
3. No Russian ‘backed’ insurgents.
—- Rising in revolt against a government or other established authority.
— The ‘insurgents’ in Ukraine were those rising up against the government that had chosen the trade deal with Russia. – That would be the neo-Nazis being backed by the USA.

Again from the BBC:
“The Kremlin said both men agreed to seek a way to stabilize Ukraine, and that Mr Putin had stressed that the Kiev government had failed to curb “rampant violence by ultra-nationalists”.

The White House said Mr Obama had insisted that the referendum was illegal and would never be accepted, and called for Moscow to support an international monitoring mission in eastern Ukraine.”

I believe that most of us today, having followed the lies of the US, can now easily establish that Putin is no liar.

“Most of the Tatars that the BBC spoke to said they had boycotted the vote, and felt that life under the Kremlin would be worse.”

Interesting that the BBC can even say this. Most of how many Tartars, where and what was the reasoning and where are the videos? This is the same sort of “reporting” we see on our Canadian CBC! It’s pure nonsense.

Let’s remember that the Crimea situation came about because of the violence began in the Maidan protests that had been very civilized until the introduction of the violence after the US got involved in a situation about a trade deal of which they had no part.

The trade deal, at the time, had been one offered the Ukraine by Russia and another offered by the EU. The legal government had chosen the Russia deal as the best and, in part, because of the Russia supply of oil/gas to the Ukraine. Also, Russia had kept up the delivering of oil/gas though Ukraine had been defaulting on its payments. As the money owed sky-rocketed Russia moved to stop delivering to Ukraine.

This, of course, got the US dumping on Russia for stopping delivery.

However, because of the US backed violence Russia could not continue to be giving Ukraine oil/gas as billions of dollars of debt was piling up.

Nevertheless, Russia offered to negotiate a tripartite agreement which would include the US along with the original parties of Russia and the EU and to not try to keep the original deal accepted by Ukraine of a trade pact with Russia.

Frankly, I cannot see a better peace offering than this but it was rejected by the US and the soft EU unable to stand for itself when Daddy brought out the rod.


Back to the Big Lie and Harper:
“Despite ongoing diplomatic efforts to seek a resolution to the conflict, Russia continues to sponsor violent pro-Russian separatist groups in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine, including by maintaining troops and providing support to the insurgency in eastern Ukraine. ”

Russia has not been a sponsor of terror under the guidance of Putin. This is just more confusion out of the pro-“America” Harper delinquency. It’s very sad to see the lies instated in this “Background” – none of these claims being factual in nature.

The Harper decided that the Minsk Process was an approach to take. A failed process.

“I am absolutely convinced that the current Kiev authorities quite possibly missed the chance to implement the Minsk Agreements at a moment when they had significant domestic political opportunities. Now there are fewer – the opportunities at the highest levels of government are much more limited now due to a whole range of circumstances, including the economic and domestic political situation.” Putin 2017

Though there has been some rhetoric about the use of the word ‘current’ by some in the West I don’t see any significance of the term as used here. We often hear of the “current administration” in the US without qualms.

The calling, by Harper, of the Minsk Agreements is really pathetic and naive.

Let’s understand what Harper didn’t or, perhaps intentionally ignored.

First that the Minsk Agreements had not yet, and likely would never, be made actual agreements. The conversation was in tatters.

Also, Harper ignored that Ukraine was falling to pieces internally with strong separatist factions in various parts of Ukraine and the most powerful separatist faction being in Donetsk. It would seem the Harper would back the USA without actually understanding of what was going on. Just a preferential attitude of the very, very pro-US Harper Prime Minister of Canada during these days of inflaming war rather than trying to douse the flames.

Of course, the Western Media also misrepresented the facts as it backed the Western wishes rather than the Western crimes in Ukraine.

As 2015 approached the Minsk Agreements failed as a separatist movement won in Donetsk with the Donetsk International Airport being taken by the separatists of that region.

The breaking of the Minsk Protocol in Donetsk were blamed on all parties on both sides of the agreement. At the same time International monitors concluded the worst offences to the agreement were those of the separatists.

A lot of this BACKGROUND is a mess of consistent nonsense by the Harper government of the day.
Harper again laying blame rather than recognizing facts and entertaining anything but the “American” way.

Now we’re happily done with Harper but we now have the foolish opinions of PM Trudeau who has invested his ideology in favour of the Harper foolishness.

2017 – “On Russia, Canada has stiff sanctions…We are always ready to strengthen those sanctions in concert with the international community,” Trudeau stated.

The vile joke never ends. Canada now has another anti-Russian flake in the Office of the Prime Minister in Ottawa. One after another the ignorance of offence rather than smart discussion is representative of those we put in office as we jump from one dirty barrel into another.

And again another big issue is strutted by the Photo Boy;
“There is no question that medium- and long-term future of a peaceful Syria no longer includes Bashar al-Assad. How we get there in the short-term is exactly what the international community must focus on now because we know there is no purely military solution to moving forward for Syria,” Trudeau stated.”

I suppose there must be a vast brain-drain in Canada to have such ridiculous nonsense out of the mouths of our leaders! I very much am horrified that this guy was actually teaching young minds in our country.

Following Ukraine was the move by Russia to go to the aid of President Assad and the Syrian people.

More on this another time.







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